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Special Offer 5L + 500ml + Tire Brush

AutoGlanz Rebound Tyre & Rubber Cleaner Offer

AutoGlanz Rebound Tyre & Rubber Cleaner Offer 5L + 500ml + Tire Brush

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A specially formulated high foaming cleaner designed to remove discolouration and grime and add life back into tyres and rubber trims.

1. Apply the product directly to the rubber to be cleaned.

2. Agitate the product using a soft-bristled brush or microfibre cloth. Use a firm brush to agitate the product on tyres.

3. Swill the rubber with clean water to ensure the product is removed.

4. Dry the rubber with a clean microfibre cloth.


The Tyre Scrubbing Brush is excellent for cleaning your rubber prior to the application of a tyre dressing.

How to

For best results, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Rinse the tyre well ensuring the entire surface is wet.
  2. For a standard car wheel, use two sprays of Rebound covering as much of the tyre wall as possible (use more as needed for larger pickup/truck tyres).
  3. Wet your scrubbing brush with water and optionally an extra spray of Rebound.
  4. Scrub about a quarter of the wheel vigorously.
  5. Wet the brush with water again before scrubbing another quarter of the wheel.
  6. Repeat until the whole wheel has been scrubbed.
  7. Rinse with copious amounts of water to reveal a squeaky clean tyre.
  8. When dry, apply your chosen tyre dressing.

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