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Ammonia Free Windscreen De-icing Spray


Formulated to rapidly melt frost and ice in temperatures down to -70 Degrees Centigrade

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Winter in Britain, we all know the deal...freezing cold mornings means frozen windscreens and windows. And that means we need to wait around for an extra 10 minutes while the car defrosts. Very annoying!

If this sounds familiar, we have the product for you, De-Icer! A fast-acting, ammonia-free, windscreen de-icing spray formulated to rapidly melt frost and ice in temperatures down to -70 Degrees Centigrade. It reacts with the ice on contact, meaning you can get going much more quickly! A must for everyone’s kit bag, detailer or not!



How to

  1. Apply the product directly to the glass to be treated.
  2. Allow the product to dwell until all ice is dissolved.
  3. If any ice remains, reapply the product.

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