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Breadvan Build Blog

Breadvan Build Blog

The Project that you probably already know about if you follow us on Social Media, Project Breadvan. 

Project Breadvan started out as a quick project that was supposed to be ready for Waxstock 2016, however the day before the show we ran into some problems which meant it never made it. Fast forward 3 months to todays date ( 1st November ) and Project Breadvan is still exactly that, still a project. 

We acquired Project Breadvan back in April 2016 with the intention of it being Olly's first car and nothing more. It was purchased locally and had fairly low miles considering its 23 years old, however the age was obvious when you looked at the bodywork. The previous owner had decided that he wanted a bike rack, but instead of buying an off the shelf roof rack he decided that bolting a homemade rack to the roof was a much better idea. The usual rust for a VW of this age was present but luckily was not too far gone to save. At first, we never intended on doing any work that wasn't necessary, however that soon changed.


After a couple week of ownership Olly came to us with this bizarre idea, he wanted to get the breadvan up to show standard for Waxstock in only 49 Days!!! Here at AutoGlanz we dont like to shy away from a challenge, so we accepted.

 So, a couple of days later we started phase 1 of Project Breadvan, Engine bay painting. We didnt have the time to remove the engine and do the bay properly so we prepped as much as we could and gave it a good coat of paint. The bay will be fully smoothed and painted very soon ready to have its new 1.4 16v heart put in. As for the paint, Olly decided on Volkswagen Manilla Green.

On to Phase 2.

Next on the list was painting the inside of the car, which meant alot of cleaning, stripping and prepping for Olly. While stripping the car, we were met with a surprise,a wheel well full of chippings? Maybe thats why its so slow, or thats just becuase its a tiny 1.0 Litre engine from 1993. At the same time we prepped and bag sealed the inner wings so they could be bolted up ready for the exterior to be painted.

The windows were removed along with the interior, it was prepped then cleaned and then the moment came to paint. Project Breadvan was rolled into the booth and Joe applied the paint. Phase 2 was Complete with 42 days until the deadline.

And on to phase 3.

With the interior all painted it was time to move on to the exterior. As mentioned at the start of this blog the Breadvan had a couple of problem areas, so we got these sorted along with some other bits that Olly wanted doing such as de-wipering the tailgate and removing the holes on the rear arches where the arch trims attatched. We completed any filler work that needed doing then fitted the suspension to make sure we would not have any rubbing issues (We failed here as once it was paint and built up the rear wheels rubbed, but more about that later). After that we applied the primer, then rubbed it down and it was ready to go back into the booth.

So back into the booth it went for the last time. We masked it all up and Joe laid down the paint. Finally the breadvan was straight and all one colour. Time to roll it back out and start building it back up.

With the Breadvan fully painted it was time to start rebuilding, We didn't get any pictures of this stage as it isnt the most thrilling thing to document. 

after the car was built up it was time to fit the ATS Classics, Olly decided to have them painted Fiat Mocha Latte with the inside barrels painted the same colour as the car. This is where the problems started.

So we jacked the breadvan up, fitted the wheels and lowered it back down. It looked great however the rear tyres touched the arch and when we tried to drive it the arch scrubbed against the side wall. Back on with the steel wheels.

Collage of polo Breadvan

So we thought long and hard about how to get around this issue without rolling the arches and risking damaging the fresh paint. Our first idea was to run some camber,  so we tried it and it look as if it was going to work. However as soon as we drove the breadvan it was obvious that this was not the solution. Next up we decided to try it with stretched tyres. So olly purcharsed some narrower tyres and we mounted them to the wheels. On a short drive the tyres were not catching, Spot On!

then we hit a man hole cover and the rim smashed into the arch, luckily it never damaged the arch but the wheel has seen better days.

Collage of breadvan pictures

And that brings us up to date with the Breadvan. We've just recieved Olly's fully adjustable Gaz Coilovers for it so we are going to be fitting them and we're going to try and carefully roll the arches. The wheels also need repainting and Olly thinks he wants to change their colour. We also need to smooth and paint the bumbers and then Project Breadvan should almost be ready to do to its first show.

Please come back soon to keep up to date with Project Breadvan :)