Players Clasic - Goodwood - June 17th 2017

Players Classic Coverage at Goodwood by Lucas Croydon

Photos by Lucas Croydon


The historic grounds of Goodwood circuit played host too Players Classic last Saturday. The one day event saw around 800 premium showcars all gather in this infamous venue. Players really was something else, an event like nothing that I'd never been too before. I don’t think there’s an event like it certainly in the UK. The quality of cars was unreal, it was overwhelming almost with the quality of cars on show with each car offering something different from clean retro finished cars too, stance'd out German estates all the way too engine bays with clear tubing, there really was something there for everyone too see.

There was also track action all day which provided you with good entertainment and something to do when resting from the heat that we had last Saturday. With it being such a big venue it was easy to miss a car or two but this said the event for me wasn't about each individual car it was about the celebration of diversity of the car culture across the world with cars attending from as far as Russia. Being able to walk right up too the cars and have a look around just too appreciate the time, money and effort that had gone into them. Even when the event had come to an end it didn't stop their people went to sit on the banks at the end of the tunnel and watched each car leave the event with the staff on the gate shouting ‘give it a boot full’ as each car left the show.

On reflection Players Classic was almost to good, it really is such an amazing event and with talks of it growing next year too hold more cars and becoming a two day event it’s only going to get better.