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Bug Removal Gel


  • Ready to use formula
  • Wax and Sealant safe
  • Gel Formula dwells for longer
  • Kills Mould Spores
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Wax safe - Gentle - Bug splatter remover

One thing we dislike here at AutoGlanz is bug splatter, covering the front end of your pride and joy, more often than not proving tricky to remove safely. Whilst aggressive cleaners and abrasion from the likes of magic sponges or bug removal sponges may well remove the dreaded splatter you will also find they remove most, if not all, of the protective wax coating you have worked so hard to apply to your vehicle. So we came up with an effective yet safe solution, Bug Off our dedicated  and best bug remover.

AutoGlanz Bug Off is a citrus based, wax safe car bug remover that has been specially formulated to be supplied ready for use with advanced thickening agents designed to cling to the surface once applied.

car bug remover - bike bug remover or both!

The advanced thickening formula of Bug Off means that when it has been applied to a surface it dwells for longer than traditional bug and grime removers. This means it has more time to act against contamination such as stubborn marks, bug splatter and mouldy growths that are present on the paintwork. This prolonged ‘dwell’ time allows the advanced citrus formula more contact time with the contamination so it dissolves and can be washed away during your regular shampoo wash. Bug Off also contains a biocidal additive that ensures your vehicle is not just visually clean but any mould spores are killed off which has a positive impact on restricting any fresh mould growth.

The vibrant natural orange colour of Bug Off means that you are able to easily identify where the product has been applied, this coupled with the thicker formulation means that you only use the amount required to get the job done.

How to

Simple and easy to use

Directions for use:

  1.  Shake well before use.
  2.  Apply a mist liberally to the effected area (most effective on a dry surface).
  3.  Allow to dwell for a few moments, do not allow to dry on the panel.
  4. Swill area with high pressure wash and continue with your pre wash.

Bug Off is specially formulated to cling to the surface being treated so should be used as supplied, dilution will dramatically reduce effectiveness.

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worked so well on my car

Great stuff for getting bugs of the front of the car. I also like the new spray head compared to the one thats in the picture that you used to send

Alex Collins

simply outstanding

Big removal gel was great and is lasting very well, I even saw some of the bugs starting to dissolve and run off the paintwork. Really good stuff and stays on the car well, does not start running off.


so happy with my purchase

AG-101 makes removing dead bugs easy. Spray on, dwell a few minutes then remove with pressure washer or microfibre cloth. Job done.

Pablo Huerta Castañeda

will 100% order again

it lacks strength


WOW, this product is the best

El mejor quitamosquitos que he probado, le dejas actuar un instante y luego salen solos

Andrew Wallace

Customer service is 2nd to none

Works like a charm. Let it do the work.

Mark Bain

wow amazing products

Very good product got rid of all the bugs from my car

Jamie Lee Townsend

epic products, love them!

I've been looking at bug removers for some time in anticipation for the bug onslaught on my commute. AG have a good reputation and I've wanted to try their products for some time. I washed both cars with mediumbrella amount of splats on both. 1 car was applied before snow foam and one after. I didn't use a lot to cover the front and windscreens. I jet washed the cars afterwards and the bugs disappeared easily. The cars haven't been washed for many weeks so I was surprised to see how easy it took the flies away. An absolutely cracking product and now my goto! I qualified for a bottle of wheel shampoo free as part of an offer! WINNING!

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