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Car Ceramic Coatings

Car Ceramic Coatings are the latest generation of synthetic paint sealants designed to offer protection and self cleaning ability to your car. Autoglanz Car Ceramic Coatings offer the ultimate protection to your vehicle whilst retaining user friendliness that Autoglanz customer have become accustom to with the rest of the Auytoglanz range.  These coatings can also offer and significant increase in hardness and self cleaning ability of paint and a dramatic visual increase in gloss effect. Car Ceramic Coatings do however require a little more preparation, and can be harder to apply than a traditional car wax or paintwork sealant so ensure you follow along to the product guides that you can find on each individual product page to help you get the most out of your sealant. 

Browse the ceramics category to find the perfect coating for your needs. From paint to glass and trim to wheels. We have durable coatings for every surface of your vehicle at many price points for a multitude of skill levels.

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Give your ride the ultimate shine and protection with the trio protect kit, protection and beads to die for!

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