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Custom pH Neutral Wheel Shampoo


  • Advanced pH neutral formula
  • Powerful yet gentle on alloy, painted or polished wheels
  • Very cost-effective, thick, dilutable formula
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Keep those Hoops looking fresh with our advanced, pH neutral alloy wheel shampoo, specifically designed to be kind on delicate painted, polished, diamond cut and bare alloy wheels whilst still holding enough cleaning power to tackle the everyday road grime buildup on your wheels.

Hoops is also very delicate and non-degrading to wheel sealants & wheel waxes.

For deeper cleaning tasks we suggest using our highly concentrated alloy wheel cleaner Alkalloy.

How to

Add 2-3 capfuls to your alloy wheel bucket filled with warm or cold water. Apply to the wheel surface with either your wheel cleaning brush or alloy wheel wash mitt and work carefully around the soiled areas.

Once complete, swill well with low-pressure water and dry if desired.

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