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Custom pH Neutral Snow Foam


  • Super high foaming formula
  • pH neutral to protect and preserve sealants and waxes
  • Lifts dirt, grime and contaminants effortlessly
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The pre-wash, possibly the most important stage in any detailing procedure! A good pre-wash normally always consists of a snow foam, generally a pH neutral or mild alkaline based foaming detergent that is applied to the entire vehicle's exterior via a foaming applicator. With its main intention of breaking down and somewhat removing the majority of soiling before any contact is made with the delicate surface of your vehicle. This initial step greatly reduces the possibility of causing ‘marring’ to the paintwork during your normal shampoo wash. Here at AutoGlanz we strongly believe that a solid pre-wash routine is the key to maintaining that desired showroom finish and this is the reason we created our advanced pH Neutral Snowfoam, Piste.

Piste is an advanced, high foaming, pH neutral snow foam specifically formulated to offer the maximum amount of cleaning power whilst still boasting a neutral pH level. Containing dedicated cleaning agents, specially developed to work at a neutral pH, plus advanced thickening agents to boast a generous cling time, Piste gets to work instantly upon contact at safely breaking down road grime, dissolving grease and oil whilst still keeping the soiling suspended from the surface. Encapsulated in its thick foam the soiling is transferring off the surface towards the floor. This special combination of surfactants drastically minimises the chances of any soiling being redeposited onto the surface whilst it is being transferred safely away from the vehicle.

Combined with its excellent cleaning power, Piste can also be diluted to a level of 200:1 and is 100% LSP/wax safe even at dilutions as low as 50:1 or lower, meaning it will not damage your wax or sealant layers that have already been applied to the surface.

How to

  1. Apply 1-2 inches to a 1L lance bottle and fill the remainder with warm water.
  2.  Apply a liberal amount via a pressure foam system and leave to dwell for a few moments.
  3.  Rinse thoroughly with a high-pressure wash then continue with your regular wash method.
  4.  Do not allow to dry on the surface.
  5.  One full lance bottle of diluted solution should be adequate to pre-clean 2-4 cars depending on size and application thickness.

Piste pH Neutral Snow foam is perfect for use in your pre-wash routine. For added effect, Piste can be used in conjunction with our bug & grime removal gel Bug Off to help target some of the more stubborn soiling whilst still being wax safe. Furthermore, if you're looking for a foam with a little extra bite in those winter months then our foaming citrus pre-wash Spritzer makes light work of removing even the heaviest traffic film.

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