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Premium Wheel Brushes


Premium, safe brushes with nylon and nylex memory bristles.

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The Go EZ Detail Brush is excellent for cleaning DOOR JAMS, WHEEL WELLS and reach into corners easier than ever. It’s 16″ long with a plastic handle and a 4″ dome shaped head full of nylon and nylex memory bristles.

The Little EZ Detail Brush is great for NOOKS and CRANNIES like those found on motorcycles and spoke wheels. It’s 13″ long with a vinyl coated wire stem and a 2″ diameter of nylon and nylex memory bristles.

The Big EZ Detail Brush is perfect for cleaning WHEELS and ENGINE BAYS. It’s 18″ long with a vinyl coated, flexible wire stem and a 4″ diameter of nylon and nylex memory bristles.

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