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Link Homebrew Wax Solvent

Link Homebrew Wax Solvent

Link Homebrew Wax Solvent

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The perfect solvent for all your homebrew wax making needs

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Link is exactly that, the link between waxes, oils & silicone chemistry needed to hold your homebrew wax formula together.

Link will allow you to make a professional grade wax at home. We use link in all of our great carnauba blends and have now made it available to all our customers wishing to have a go at homebrew.

Safety Warnings.

~ Not intended as a fuel 

~ Ensure liquid & vapour does not come in contact with naked flames

~ Always ensure to work in a well ventilated area

~ Keep out of reach of children

~ Do not leave heated solution unattended for any amount of time

~ Wear protective clothing at all times

~ IF SWALLOWED: Rinse mouth, DO NOT induce vomiting

~ IF ON SKIN: Remove contaminated clothing, Rinse Skin

~ IF IN EYES: Rinse continuously for several moments. Remove contact lenses if worn.

~ Have Fun!!

If you have any questions regarding home brew, do not hesitate to contact AG and one of the team will be happy to assist.





Phase solvent is the missing link between making an average homebrew car wax to making a professional high grade car wax, Phase allows home brewers to make professional grade car waxes at home. Phase is a high grade odourless and colourless solvent, Phase has been developed ready for adding colouring and scents to enhance your waxes. Phase Solvent is used to create home brew vehicle waxes. WARNING: Wear eye and hand protection and always make your waxes in a well-ventilated area, do not leave the heated solution unattended for any amount of time, never allow solvent or vapours to come into contact with a naked flame. Home car wax making can be dangerous and all safety precautions should be taken. Keep away from children and pets, do not ingest, repeated exposure may cause skin problems. If swallowed don’t induce vomiting, seek medical advice immediately and show this label. Last but not least - good luck with your wax making.
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Additional Information

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