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Car Interior Cleaning

Take a peek at our large range of car interior cleaning products, designed specifically to help you achieve that 'new car' feel when detailing your interior. We stock a large selection of car interior cleaning product for use when carrying out your interior detailing including APC, Anti Static detailers, Interior dressings, Glass cleaners, Delicate fabric cleaners and accessories supplied to make your job whilst carrying out your car interior cleaning a lot easier.

Interior detailing made easy

Our range of interior detailing cleaners and dressings are not only effective, they also offer excellent value for money. Our interior cleaner/APC Infinite can carry out any cleaning task thrown at it whilst still only needing a very high dilution level. Once again our multi purpose dressing Trim Reaper can be diluted down to 20:1 depending on the desired gloss levels for each job in hand. 

  • Trim Dressing Concentrate

    Trim Reaper

    Trim Dressing Concentrate

    Price From: £9.95
  • OEM Hide Leather Odouriser

    OEM Hide

    Premium Leather Odourising Spray

    Price From: £11.95
  • Leather protector

    Hide Seal

    Durable Leather Sealant

    Price From: £10.95
  • Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

    Leather Cleanse

    Leather & Vinyl Cleaner


    Out of stock

  • Deodouriser liquid odour eliminator


    Deodouriser liquid odour eliminator


    Out of stock

  • Anti-Static Interior Detailer


    Premium anti-static interior dressing

    Price From: £7.95
  • Car Air Freshener

    Car Air Freshener

    Freshen up your cockpit


    Out of stock

  • AF Base

    AF Base

    Make your own Air Freshener

  • Team AG Air Freshener

    Team AG Air Freshener

    Hanging Air Freshener


    Out of stock

  • Moonshine - High Alcohol Glass Cleaner


    High Alcohol Glass Cleaner

    Price From:

    Regular Price: £6.95

    Special Price £4.87

  • All Purpose Cleaner


    All Purpose Cleaner

    Price From:

    Regular Price: £8.95

    Special Price £6.26

  • Multi purpose vehicle degreaser


    Multi purpose vehicle degreaser

    Price From: £5.95

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