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Leather Conditioner


  • Produces an OEM factory finish.
  • Prevents leather from drying & cracking.
  • Suitable for leather seats & trim.
  • Works best alongside Leather Cleanse & Hide Seal
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With restoring and maintaining the OEM finish in mind we have developed OEM Maintain.

OEM Maintain is liquid leather conditioner designed to help prevent drying and cracking of your leather seats and trim.

The advanced formula works to moisturise the leather and returns it to its factory OEM look without using any harsh chemicals that could potentially shorten the life span of the leather. We have designed OEM Maintain to work alongside our other leather care products, Leather Cleanse and Hide Seal. Using the trio of products together will ensure that your seats and trim remain moisturised and looking OEM for many years to come.

How to

Shake well before use.

Ensure the surface to be treated is clean and dry using AutoGlanz Leather Cleanse.

1. OEM Maintain can be used in conjunction with AutoGlanz Hide Seal. Apply Hide Seal as per the product instructions and allow to dry to the touch.

2. Apply sparingly to a microfibre cloth or directly to the surface and work the cream in until all residual cream is gone.

3. Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes and repeat if desired.

4. OEM Maintain should be applied every time the seats are cleaned to help keep the leather moist and avoid cracking. If the surface begins to feel dry it should be reapplied, especially in high friction areas.

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