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Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax


  • Easy to use, user-friendly
  • Hydrophobic, slick gloss finish
  • Apply wet or dry
  • Offers UV protection
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Hybrid Ceramic Wax - The pinnacle of spray wax!

Offering ultra hydrophobic effect, extreme gloss UV protection, extremely user-friendly & a slick finish to any surface.

How to

If using as a quick detailer/sealant:

Ensure surface is clean and apply one to two light mists per panel.

Buff into the surface evenly with a clean microfiber cloth and allow to dry.

If using as a wet coat:

Spray evenly around the vehicle in a more liberal fashion. 2-4 sprays per panel is suggested.

Once applied rinse with clean water, do not allow to dry on the surface without rinsing.

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will 100% order again

I can’t recommend prizm enough. Gives great water beading and gloss and is really quick and easy to use.


loved using the product

Sehr gute Wirkung !

John S Hollingworth

only buy this product, amazing

Very easy to use, finish is brilliant

Mitchel L Wilkinson

Love these products

On my second bottle it is extremely good and offers great protection with great hydrophobic properties also adds great gloss.

Ross Gillie

the best

Works well . easy an quick to apply with no residue . tried both wet and dry with with good results .

alex ruffell

Love these products

used both wet and dry and had great results all round. really easy to use either way and leaves no residue. 10/10 product, will definitely be buying more

Cameron Jones

WOW, this product is the best

Excellent! Would recommend anybody to try this. Just like smooth velvet but super powered, more gloss more slickness and more beading! Smells like sherbert lemons. Very easy to apply even as a wet coat. Easily on a par with Gtechniq liquid crystal. 5* for me

Stuart Lindsay

I won't buy from anywhere else now

It's does what it says on the bottle... This stuff is AG-178 dead brilliant.. Easy on easy off and the water beading is second to none

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