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Hyd-Re-Seal - Polymer Concentrate Sealant

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Hyd-Re-Seal - Polymer Concentrate Sealant

Ease of use and application is a key factor taken into consideration when we are developing products here at AutoGlanz. Hyd-Re-Seal Polymer Concentrate Sealant is possibly our easiest to date. If like us, your weekend and spare time is always busy packed to the brim with family or work commitments, you will know just how difficult it can be to find the necessary spare time needed to wash and maintain your pride and joy properly. Therefore, time-saving products and methods are always well taken, especially when they do not compromise quality or standards. Hyd-Re-Seal Polymer Concentrate Sealant takes ease of application and quality combined to a whole new level.

Hyd-Re-Seal is an extremely concentrated, highly versatile contact-less sealant packed to the brim with Siloxane-rich polymers. Hyd-Re-Seal has been designed to be a spray-on, rinse-off sealant intended to be applied after the handwashing stage, i.e. between the final rinse and drying process. As a direct result of being treated with Hyd-Re-Seal, all exterior surfaces instantly become more radiant looking and also become extremely hydrophobic. The benefits of adding hydrophobic qualities to any exterior surface are the dramatic improvement of water beading it causes, but also the self-cleaning abilities produced as a direct effect. By naturally repelling rainwater and road spray, Hyd-Re-Seal ensures a large amount of soiling deposited on the surface simply cannot accumulate and is washed away. Durability can last 3 months or longer with normal wash cycles, however, we suggest due to Hyd-Re-Seal being so easy to apply, as little as 1ml in 1L of water applied as a wet coat can add hydrophobic properties so top-ups could not be more simple or cost-effective.

Hyd-Re-Seal can also be used as a conventional spray sealant making it a highly versatile product indeed, used in this method it can offer up to 6 months standalone durability. Simply sprayed onto a quality microfiber or suede applicator and applied to a single panel at a time, allow to haze and buff to a high shine, super slick finish.

How To Guide:

HydReSeal can be used as a wet coat/top-up or even as a standalone spray sealant at the correct dilutions.

Wet coat application:

  1. Shake well before use
  2. For first-time wet coat application, add 10-30ml to 500ml of water, for top-up add 2-10ml to 500ml of water approximately.
  3. Apply the mixture liberally to the vehicle surface via suitable foaming apparatus.
  4. Allow to dwell for a few moments (no longer than 3 minutes is advised) do not allow to dry on the surface.
  5. Rinse with high-pressure wash ensuring to remove all of the foam/cream.

Standalone sealant application:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Dilute at between 5:1 - 15:1 depending on the level of protection desired and the working temperature.
  3. Apply a small amount to a quality microfibre or suede applicator pad and work into the panel with low pressure ensuring to coat the complete panel.
  4. Allow to haze and buff to a high shine finish with a clean high pile microfibre towel.

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