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pH Neutral Wheel Shampoo


  • Advanced pH neutral formula
  • Powerful yet gentle on alloy, painted or polished wheels
  • Very cost-effective, thick, dilutable formula
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Keep those Hoops looking fresh with our advanced, pH neutral alloy wheel shampoo, specifically designed to be kind on delicate painted, polished, diamond cut and bare alloy wheels whilst still holding enough cleaning power to tackle the everyday road grime buildup on your wheels.

Hoops is also very delicate and non-degrading to wheel sealants & wheel waxes.

For deeper cleaning tasks we suggest using our highly concentrated alloy wheel cleaner Alkalloy.

How to

Add 2-3 capfuls to your alloy wheel bucket filled with warm or cold water. Apply to the wheel surface with either your wheel cleaning brush or alloy wheel wash mitt and work carefully around the soiled areas.

Once complete, swill well with low-pressure water and dry if desired.  

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so happy with my purchase

First time I have tried a shampoo which is aimed at alloy wheels, I don't think there is much difference between it and using any other car shampoo, despite this it foams up well and does a good job cleaning the wheels, and it saves me using the more expensive shampoos I have for the paint work, and this stuff (Hoops), is good value for money.

jay welch

the smell is amazing

Great smell. Good product for using when your wheels are protected and you just want a little bit more bite than a normal shampoo gives you but no need for a wheel cleaner


brilliant products

Nice wheel cleaner wich dosent kill the paint on my alloys

Elliot Schofield

will 100% order again

Received a small bottle a while ago from a deal that was on, was a bit dubious to use it to start with, was unsure how id get along with using a wheel wash instead of alkalloy, but i can say hoops has taken over now! i absolutely love it and does such good work on alloys. Highly recommend even just to try it!

David Potts

WOW, this product is the best

Used hoops to clean the wheels on two cars this weekend with great clean and shine on both set

Jamie Lee Townsend

Great service, quick delivery

Came as part of a deal with AG-101. I love pretty much everything about AG, the way the deliveries arrive in a foam filled box in a heat sealed bag so there is no way the products can leak out. The labelling is perfect and right up to date and tastefully done. On first sniff I could get what I can only describe as Iron Brew, I maybe wrong. Having added a good squirt to my bucket roughly around 15L then hit with the pressure washer it foamed up to nice tight luxurious foam. The scent intensified when mixed with the water. I did use with a few squirts of 10:1 wheel cleaner prior but the results after washing with the various brushes and a noodle mitt were beyond the standard wheel cleaner. I'm not sure what is in this but it does seem to add an element of deep gloss which would be perfect on glossy painted wheels! I can highly recommend Hoops and if you have glossy rims its well worth grabbing a bottle. Smells lovely and leaves a cracking finish!

James Bradley

so happy with my purchase

The best wheel shampoo I have used and I have tried a few. Packaging from AutoGlanz is spot on, great to deal with, fantastic products. Nuff Said.

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