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All Purpose Cleaner


  • A wide range of cleaning abilities
  • Super Concentrated
  • Safe for use on a variety of surfaces
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When carrying out any detailing routine there is one product that you simply can not be without, a high quality All Purpose Cleaner. That one product that can be highly diluted to help you with any cleaning task, complementing high cleaning power with value for money making it the perfect car interior cleaner. Whether you're a pro, detailing vehicles day in day out or a weekend hobbyist, Autoglanz Infinite is a must have for any detailing bag. Boasting a wide range of cleaning ability Infinite is perfect for interior cleaning such as; carpet cleaning, fabric cleaning, rubber and plastic trim cleaning and external cleaning such as; engine cleaning, door jams, wheel arches, tyres and even convertible hoods. Autoglanz Infinite is a true High Concentrate All Purpose Cleaner and excellent interior cleaner for cars.


Autoglanz Infinite is versatile, super concentrated & non caustic All Purpose Cleaner that is safe to use on a variety of surfaces including delicate alloys. For use in heavy degreasing of engine bays or heavy stains, Infinite All Purpose Cleaner can be diluted up to 10:1, light soiling of hard plastic and fabric interior trims can be diluted as high as 200:1 whilst still retaining the excellent cleaning power.

How to

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray Infinite directly on to the area to be cleaned, allow to dwell for a few moments and agitate with a soft brush if necessary.
  3. Wipe residue away with a clean microfibre cloth on interior trims or swill with water on exterior panels. When light interior cleaning with Infinite you may find it easier to simply apply Infinite to a microfibre towel and wipe down the lightly soiled area.

Dilution Guides

Infinite is an extremely concentrated and versatile product. It can be used in every aspect of cleaning, from heavy engine degreasing to light soiling removal on interior trims and fabrics.

Simply dilute as necessary with water. Infinite is totally LPS safe when diluted correctly so can also be used safely as a pre-cleaner/target cleaner.

Heavy soiling 25-50:1

Medium soiling 100:1

Light soiling 200:1 +

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Andrew Wallace

brilliant products

Fabulous APC for all the areas you don’t want to splash with water.


Love these products

Great product Works every time


Love these products

Best APC I've used, fantastic dilution ratios, great to have the customisation too.


worked so well on my car

Extremely happy with the product i diluted 90:1 very easy to use spray on agitate with a nrush then jet wash/wipe off.


Love these products

Great APC used to clean my dirty van seats and WOW just like new.

Mark Mcnally

Great service, quick delivery

I love this apc. It works great and the dilution rate is bonkers. I used it to clean the tyres and any other mucky areas at a dilution rate of around 20:1 and you can see the dirt just melt away. Awesome product and would callange anyone to find a better apc with this value for money and performance.


so happy with my purchase

Great product highly recommend

Robert J Wakelin

will 100% order again

My first time using this product and my first time using an APC. In my opinion it has great cleaning power, i'm yet to use others so i have nothing to compare it to however it does work very well.

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