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Multi Purpose Vehicle Degreaser


  • Free from harsh chemicals & phosphates.
  • Ideal for use on trims, rubbers, engine bays, wheels and tyres.
  • Also suitable for use on interior plastics.
  • Can be used neat, or diluted up to 50:1.
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Multi is an advanced & concentrated alkaline based multi-purpose degreaser. Free from harsh chemicals & phosphates and is ideal for use on exterior tasks such as trim cleaning, rubber cleaning, engine bay, wheels, tyres and even as a stand-alone pre-wash.

Also well suited to interior cleaning, a true Multi-purpose cleaner and a must for any detailers bag. Multi really is an advanced yet delicate cleaner, containing special corrosion inhibitors ensuring a high level of material compatibility when working with sensitive components such as anodised aluminium and other bare finish. Use neat, as supplied for deep cleaning tasks or dilute up to 50:1 for light soiling.

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