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Glass Sealant


Vision+ is a semi-permanent, highly durable, hydrophobic & oleophobic car glass sealant.

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Vision+ is the pinnacle in car glass sealants. Offering durability of plus 6 months from a very simple application process with the ability to repel both water and oils!

The ability to repel oily soiling and indeed attempt to prompt these oils not to bond is important to our coatings. On the most part, soiling that we see on our vehicles that is bonded will be there because of hydrocarbon oils deposited on the vehicles surface, these oils are sticky which attract dust, dirt and salts to stick to your vehicle. eliminate the sticky oils and you reduce the soiling which will bond to the surface! 

Vision+ is a fluoro product designed to bond to any glass surface upon contact and stay there. This coating is very effective at repelling both oils and water. Water will simply roll off the surface at speeds as low as 30mph meaning the coating is very effective as a windscreen sealant just like it is effective at keeping you rear window clear. In both instances you almost eliminate the need for windscreen wiper usage!

How to

  • Ensure the surface is clean, dry & free from any previous coatings or oils.
  • We suggest the use of either standard lint free paper or suede for application.
  • Apply the product directly to your chosen applicator and apply liberally to the surface to be coated. 
  • Work in alternative notions (side to side, up and down) until the product begins to flash whilst ensuring the entire surface is coated.
  • Once the entire surface is coated, fold the applicator and work the coating in circular motions until a crystal clear finish is observed.
  • Allow 2 minutes for excess solvents to flash
  • The product should not require any additional buffing once flashed. If any streaks are observed, simply work a little more product in and buff.

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Customer service is 2nd to none

Fácil de aplicar, dura mucho. Contento con el producto, mejor que otros

Andy williams

worked so well on my car

Love this stuff! So easy to use and great results. Ive used it in light rain with no issues, direct sunlight wich required buffing but buffed off no hassle and yet again no issues it worked as it was supposed to! Only issue i have is the bottle, could do with something similar to the ceramics to have more control of how much product is coming out!

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