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Highly Concentrated Screenwash


  • Ultra-concentrated formula
  • 100ml creates up to 5L screen wash
  • Trim and paint-safe
  • Breaks down bug remains, grime and screen contaminants
  • Winter-proof, low-temperature resistance especially at higher concentrations
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As we all know, having a clean and clear windscreen is an absolute necessity! We must be able to see the road and what’s going on around us (and from a purely visual point of view, a crystal-clear windscreen is so aesthetically pleasing, especially when the rest of your vehicle is in tip top condition.)

Particularly in the run up to winter, you need to start preparing your vehicle for any harsh conditions. A good coat of either wax or sealant is required to protect your paintwork and cleaning your windows ensures that you always have perfect visibility.

We have something that can make that routine much easier…Screenshot! A super concentrated screen wash shot, formulated to break down road grime, bug remains, and screen contaminants. It is winter-proof and low-temperature resistant, especially at higher concentrations.

Although it is perfect for the winter months and harsher conditions, screenshot can be used year-round for exceptional visibility.

Simply empty the contents of our 100ml screen shot into the screen wash reservoir, top up with water and you are good to go! Alternatively, you can buy a bigger size and keep topping up throughout the year.

How to

1. Add 100-300ml of screenshot per 5Ltr of water directly to the screen wash reservoir.

2. Fill the reservoir up to the max fill line with clean water.

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