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Ceramic Top Coat


  • Sacrificial top coat for ceramic coatings.
  • Ultra-Hydrophobic.
  • Extends lifetime of ceramic coatings.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfect in conjunction with P1 Lite, P3 Lite & P4 Lite.
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Ceramic Top Coat - Hydrophobic Coating Spray

How to

Shake well before use. SP1 is a sacrificial top coat designed to be used to protect AutoGlanz P1Lite, P3Lite & P4Lite ceramic coatings and offer uniform hydrophobic properties.

  1. Ensure ceramic is fully cured (30 minutes in typical conditions) before applying SP1.
  2. Apply SP1 sparingly via trigger sprayer direct to a clean, dry surface and buff into the area uniformly. Do not allow to dry before spreading the product. Once spread evening over the surface allow 5-10 minutes for SP1 to flash off.
  3. Once cured, buff to a high gloss finish with a fresh, plush microfibre cloth.
  4. For best results and durability of ceramics we suggest SP1 is reapplied every 2 months.
  5. Do not use in direct sunlight, do not allow to dry on the surface before spreading.

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so happy with my purchase

Fantastic new product from Autoglanz, as per instructions this should be applied every 2 months after using P1 lite ceramic coating. Having prepped my 15 Yr old BMW 330 Ci correctly it had 2 coats of P1 lite applied followed up by a sacrificial layer of this product, can't comment on durability yet but paint feels like glass, very impressed and will now be using this in combination with P1 lite on all my clients car for new car Paint protection valets.

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