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Hybrid Paintwork Sealant


Synth-Seal takes easy to apply, long-lasting sealants to a completely new level, in simple terms it’s a polymer sealant but there’s a twist! Synth-seal is both a wax and a sealant! Offering the natural gloss levels known from a liquid wax coupled with the durability that synthetic paintwork sealants are known for.

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If you want to keep your paintwork in tip-top condition, it is important to keep it protected. Here at AutoGlanz we want to make it as easy as possible to keep your vehicles paintwork looking it's best, so we have created Synth-Seal or synthetic paint sealant.

Synth-Seal is a long-lasting, layerable, true hybrid sealant. Synth-Seal takes 'easy to apply long-lasting sealants' to a completely new level, in simple terms it’s a polymer sealant but there’s a twist!


Synth-Seal is both a wax and a sealant! Offering the natural gloss levels known from a liquid wax coupled with the durability that synthetic paintwork sealants are known for.

Some very special chemical combinations on a molecular level allows Synth-Seal to be applied in the nature of a liquid wax with the durability of a complex sealant. The bond strength achieved with the hybrid formula is remarkable and naturally accruing waxes simply struggle to compete.

Synth-Seal Hybrid sealant - Cream Paintwork Sealant requires no special surface preparation to achieve up to 6 months’ durability and 12 months is quite achievable with a little care, whilst still offering gloss levels seen with liquid wax. Once you discover how easy Synth-Seal is to apply you will soon begin to look past durability and return to enjoying applying top quality protection! If you’re a beginner to paintwork sealant wanting the best possible results with as little fuss as possible or even a professional detailer needing a synthetic paint sealant you can trust to deliver day in day out with little to no fuss, Synth-Seal is a must-have paintwork sealant for any detailer's bag. Along with its performance benefits the tutti fragrance will have you watering at the mouth as you protect your pride and joy with ease. This paired with the pale purple colouring is a match made in heaven.

How to

Synth-Seal requires no special surface preparation to achieve good durability, however, it is always good practice to carry out complete decontamination before applying any protection.

  1. Apply a small amount of SynthSeal to a microfiber applicator.
  2. Working one panel at a time gently spread Synth-Seal over the complete panel working in criss cross motions (top to bottom, side to side in straight lines) ensuring the panel is covered from edge to edge with a thin layer.
  3. Allow the thin layer to cure for roughly 5-10 minutes and buff off with a clean microfibre cloth.

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Easy on, easy off, and wow what a shine! Two coats took 4 hours on my wife's brand new car! She loves the shine - woke up this morning and it has rained - the beads on the bonnet look like baby mushrooms!


will 100% order again

Yet to use the product, but I am looking forward to applying a relatively cheap paint sealant to see how it compares to the more expensive ceramic versions.


Great service, quick delivery

this product was the fist time used by my self after using different products over a period of 35 years. I was blown away with the results and little effort required to get a deep gloss shine on my car but to be honest i did make sure the car was machine polished first with Sonax cut and Polish Then adding Synth-seal the results were amazing a deep gloss shine and the paint just looked deep with a resin polish i decided to give it two coats.

Dan C Ellis

WOW, this product is the best

This stuff works wonders it is best to use as a base layer before wax or polish is used

Mark Mcnally

loved using the product

I had a quick go of this on my last maintenance wash and first impressions are very good. Goes on so easy and wipes of just as well. Brings a great shine and the added bonus of protection.

Ian A Hepburn

Great service, quick delivery

Great product ,very easy to apply and buff off, also provides high gloss

Andy williams

the best

Love this product! Easy to use, no hassle buffing off. Gives a great finish and the beading/sheeting is brilliant

Gary B

epic products, love them!

Great product, really easy to apply and fantastic results. I would definitely recommend to anyone! It's also very good value for money. Thanks Autoglanz I will be trying more of your products.

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