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Gloss Tyre Dressing


  • Protective and durable solvent blend
  • Lasts 6 weeks or more even in wet weather
  • Perfect new tyre gloss finish
  • Easy spread application for uniform coverage
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There’s no better feeling than stepping back and seeing all of your hard work come together. Whether you’ve just completed a full detail or have finished a maintenance wash on your pride and joy, the finishing touches make all the difference. That’s why here at AutoGlanz we have created Über Schwarz our Long Life Gloss Tyre Dressing.

Über Schwarz is a highly durable, solvent-based, dedicated tyre dressing that leaves the perfect glossy look on your tyres. It has been formulated to allow an easy spread application that creates a uniform coverage that even the least experienced user can handle. Über Schwarz has a very short drying time that leaves your tyres with a wet glossy appearance that is water-resistant and zero sling.

Über Schwarz can be diluted up to 3:1 with a solvent, such as panel wipe or mineral spirits, to achieve a less glossy look for those who want fresh looking tyres without the shine. Durability of up to 6 weeks is easily achievable in typical British weather and even longer in the drier months. All in all, Über Schwarz is the perfect tyre dressing for people with all stages of expertise in the detailing world.

How to

As with any tyre dressing, preparation is key, to ensure you give your dressing the best possible chance of lasting we suggest carrying out a thorough clean and dry off any tyres before the dressing is applied.

Über Schwarz can be applied either via direct spray or applicator

Directions for use:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Ensure the tyre is clean and dry before application.
  3. If spraying directly onto the surface, ensure an even but sparing coverage of the complete tyre sidewall, you do not want the dressing to be running or sagging on the surface.
  4. Allow Über Schwarz to dry for a few seconds and wipe off any excess product from the wheels.
  5. If applying via a conventional applicator, simply spray a good amount to one side of your desired tyre dressing applicator, spread around the complete sidewall and leave to dry for a few moments.
  6. Allow the product to dry for 15 minutes before moving the vehicle.

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John S Hollingworth

loved using the product

Best dressing I have used.

Ray Yip

worked so well on my car

Uber schwarz tyre dressing is amazing long durability last fr weeks as long the tyre is super clean


the smell is amazing

Kay Althaus

2nd time ordering, won't be the last

long lasting shine,even rain is no problem

Mark Mcnally

the smell is amazing

Made the tyres look great but yet to see the longjeverty of the product. Smells a bit like back to black but hopefully it's a much better tyre dressing than that. It's probably unfair to review this product until I see how it performs.

Will J Bateup

Love these products

If you want shiny black tyres that last then this is the product for you!


the best

Definitely one of my favourite tyre dressings. Very easy to apply, nice finish and good longevity.


2nd time ordering, won't be the last

Easy to apply great results and last longer then other tyre shines I've used

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