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Bulk Fallout Remover


A highly effective bleeding fallout remover developed for high usage customers and weekend users alike.

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A highly effective bleeding fallout remover specifically developed for high usage customer where cost is always a factor when choosing cleaning products.

Dilutable with water 1:1 whilst still being very effective. 

Very effective bulk fallout remover in 5L & 25L sizes.

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Dilutable with water 1:1 whilst still being very effective.

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jay welch

loved using the product

Great item for the price! Added benifit of dilution and also doesn’t smell as bad as some other brands!! Keep it up guys!

Benjamin Lambinet

WOW, this product is the best

Excellent product. I tested a lot of fallout remover and I love this one. In 1:1 it's the ideal dilution. I use it for wheels and car paint. The product is not too strong and will not damage any parts. For very dirty wheels, uses two or three passes. Also, I used a little bit of Fallout Remover mixed with a clay lube and it gives excellent results. The decontamination is easier and so less contact with the car paint.

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