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Bulk Mild Acid Wheel Cleaner


Fast-acting, extremely effective mild acidic formula

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AutoGlanz Valet+ Wheel Cleaner is a fast-acting, extremely effective mild acidic formula that removes baked-on brake dust and brown deposits with ease.

It contains corrosion inhibitors and is highly concentrated. Can be diluted up to 10:1 if desired.

How to

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Dilute with water or use neat depending on soiling levels
  3. Pre-rinse wheels before applying the product to ensure all loose soiling is removed
  4. Spray directly onto the area to be cleaned and leave to soak for a few moments
  5. Agitate with a wheel brush if desired/needed
  6. Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure wash ensuring all product is removed
  7. Should not be used on sensitive finishes

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