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Water Repellent Glass Cleaner


Vision Water Repellent Glass Cleaner is a very effective exterior glass cleaner which applies water beading technology and cleans in one simple step. Making it the perfect rain repellent for car windscreens.

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There’s one thing that the UK has too much of, Rain! It is important that your vehicle can cope with the typical British weather and we want to help you with that. We introduce to you, Vision water repellent glass cleaner. Not only is Vision a very effective exterior glass cleaner but it also applies water beading technology to your glass at the time of cleaning in one simple step.

The complex combination of polymers and wetting agents within Vision water repellent glass cleaner ensures that everyday road grime is rapidly removed with ease as expected from a premium glass cleaner. The unique water beading technology within Vision bonds directly to the glass causing water to form into droplets and roll off the surface. This helps reduce the need to use windscreen wipers whilst the vehicle is in motion. Water simply rolls off the surface and leaves you with a perfect vision of the road ahead. Making Vision the perfect, streak-free and easy to use rain repellent for car windscreens.


Vision Water Repellent Glass Cleaner is remarkably easy to apply, it does not require any special pre-cleaning or surface preparation, just spray and wipe. The effects can last several weeks with simple reapplication to even a wet surface. It also helps to reduce insects and grime sticking to the glass’ surface. Vision can also be used as a screen wash additive at a dilution of up to 30% to help prolong the water beading effect.

How to

Vision does not require any special surface preparation and can be applied to a wet/dirty surface and water beading will still occur.

  1. Spray directly to the glass surface in an even mist.
  2. Work the product into the surface with a microfibre cloth.
  3. Buff off to a streak free finish with a clean microfiber cloth.

May also be used as a windscreen additive at a dilution of 30% in summer months or neat in winter.

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loved using the product

Superb product - I was after something that would prevent rain lingering on my windscreen and moisture on the inside. This does just that. Comes with a great squeezy pump which works great and you have the option to get it scented, which I did. Putting it into my screenwash gives a great little smell. Will definitely get this again and recommend to anyone.


simply outstanding

Very good glass cleaner when the screen is mucky.


can't believe how good these products are!

Excellent product and just love the beading from glass


can't believe how good these products are!

Can't fault it amazing product




only buy this product, amazing

I can't believe how crystal clear my windows are now! Vision really does get rid of all contaminants on your windows and leaves a streak free finish along with the amazing hydrophobic qualities that keep it looking that way for a long time. You can even drive down the motorway in floods of rain and not even need to put your wipers on as it just beads off. Such a good product


Customer service is 2nd to none

Good product I use it once a week and it has helped loads over the last few wet weeks to keep my windscreen clear.

epic products, love them!

brilliant product use this regularly good cleaning properties although I do only use as a top off after removing dirt to provide an excellent hydrophobic surface

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