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Alloy Wheel Cleaner


  • Highly concentrated non-acidic formula
  • Punches through the toughest grime, brake dust and highest levels of soiling
  • Wide range of dilution rates for incredible versatility
  • Suitable for almost all wheel finishes including bare aluminium & polished split rims
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There is nothing worse than your wheels being caked in hard to remove brake dust, so here at AutoGlanz we decided to do something about it. Alkalloy is a non-acidic and non-caustic, super strength wheel cleaning concentrate. Its aim is to help remove the hard to shift brake dust and grime with ease while still being safe on the delicate painted surface of your wheels. Alkalloy has been specially formulated with a high concentration blend of mild alkaline additives, cleaners and surfactants which work together to ensure road grime and brake dust will be dissolved and lifted away from the surface of the wheels in a safe manner in no time at all.

The non-caustic properties of Alkalloy mean that it is safe to use on almost all wheel finishes, and is safe to use on bare aluminium at the suggested dilution rates. Even though Alkalloy is non-caustic, it does not lack in cleaning power. Its super strength formula ensures you are receiving the same results as a caustic equivalent wheel cleaner but the safety of being non-caustic. The high foaming properties within Alkalloy will help to lift stubborn residue and safely carries the dirt and grime off the wheel, leaving you to just swill off any residue left behind with a steady flow of water.

Alkalloy is not just for use on heavily soiled wheels. If you just require a little bit of assistance with removing light soiling or if your wheels are sealed with a wheel sealant, then you can dilute it up to 20:1 with water. Alkalloy is the perfect wheel cleaner for all levels of soiling. If you’re a professional detailer needing the very best from your products at an affordable price or just someone that likes the keep your vehicle looking clean, we guarantee you will enjoy using AutoGlanz Alkalloy on your prized wheels.

How to

Alkalloy can be diluted down to 20:1 depending on soiling levels and surface condition.

Heavily soiled wheels: 1:1 - 5:1

Maintenance washes 5:1 - 10:1

Sealed & bare finished wheels 8:1 -20:1


Directions for use:


1. Shake well before use.

2. Dilute Alkalloy accordingly.

3. Apply directly to the wheel surface in an even mist.

4. Allow to dwell for a few moments, do not allow to dry on the surface.

5. Agitate with a soft bristle brush if necessary.

6. Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure wash.

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Sam J Spencer

Order arrived on time

Love using this after using AG-104 first. Great quality.


the smell is amazing

Very good product, i dilute to 3:1 and still work extremely well . One bottle will last you very long time .


Order arrived on time

Very good. Diluted as per instructions and a nice deep clean left wheels looking like new. Another great product from this company.

ben luff

would suggest to anyone!!

This wheel cleaner is fantastic, it lasts for ages as its dilutes so much and it still very powerful at 20:1 foams well and rinses off so easy.



Great product, cheap and very concentrated


I won't buy from anywhere else now

Great wheel cleaner shifts anything and very economical, a little goes a long way

saul ahmed

simply outstanding

I purchased this from all the recommendation from a detailing forum. I really can't fault it. Brilliant product and really easy to use. Like a hot knife to butter, on some really dirty alloys I recently worked on. A product I highly recommend as an essential in your detailing bag.


so happy with my purchase

brilliant wheel cleaner!

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