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Tyre & Trim Dressing


  • Highly concentrated blend of polymers
  • Gives your trim UV protection
  • Suitable for any rubber, vinyl or plastic surface
  • Excellent durability and hydrophobic properties
  • Variety of finishes from high gloss to natural sheen with various dilution rates
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There is one thing that we can’t stand here at AutoGlanz, and that is faded trim. What could be worse than spending hours getting your paintwork nice any shiny and then having horrible faded plastics let the whole vehicle down? We decided to do something about it, we formulated Trim Reaper with the U.V protection needed to keep your trim looking as good as the day it rolled off the production line.

Trim Reaper is a highly concentrated blend of oils and polymers, specifically designed for use on any plastic, vinyl or rubber finish. The complex formula of Trim Reaper actively bonds with any surface creating a layer of protection which offers excellent durability and hydrophobic properties. Water and soiling simply falls off the surface.

The emulsified water base allows Trim Reaper to be highly diluted with water, a variety of finishes from high gloss to a natural sheen can be achieved on almost any trim or rubber surface. From interior dash to exterior trim or tyres in either gloss or natural finishes, Trim reaper covers it all, virtually eliminating the need for more than one trim dressing in your detailing bag.

How to

Due to the versatility you will ultimately need to play around with Trim Reaper to achieve the desired effect, below are a few ‘guides’ to help you along your way to the perfect dressing of rubber and trim.

Trim Reaper can either be sprayed directly onto the surface or applied via an applicator.

Allow the product to flash off for a few moments and buff with a clean microfiber towel if desired/required.

Tyres: Neat – 5:1 depending on gloss level desired

Exterior Trim: Neat – 10:1 depending on gloss level desired

Interior trim: Neat – 25:1 depending on gloss level required

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Great service, quick delivery

As a newbie to the world of detailing I was not sure what products I needed. I found trim reaper recommend and ordered based on that. Very happy with the product and the finish it gives inside and outside trim.

John S Hollingworth

WOW, this product is the best

First time using this product and it worked fantastic on my exterior trim

sean kemble

brilliant service

Works amazing


the best

Acondicionador de plásticos, gomas y neumáticos espectacular, fácil de usar y deja un acabado muy bueno

Mr William Giles

would suggest to anyone!!

Really good product, use at 20:1 gives a great OEM finish on interior trim, not too glossy, and at 10:1on arch liners for stronger gloss.

Keir Beeson

2nd time ordering, won't be the last

Best trim detailer I have ever used. Window rubbers look like new.


the best

I can't fault this stuff and can not recommend as much as I do one off the best trim products on the market. You'd be stupid not to buy


I won't buy from anywhere else now

My go to product for interior and exterior trim..dilutable so a little goes a long way

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