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Lubed - Clay Bar Lubricant

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Lubed - Clay Bar Lubricant

We think that knowing how to use a clay bar on a car is one of the most important skills you should learn when it comes to detailing. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, using a clay bar is something that you are going to need if you are searching for that perfect finish. One area of the claying process that is commonly misunderstood or executed incorrectly is using a lubricant between the car’s paintwork and the clay bar.

The purpose of a clay bar lubricant is to allow the clay bar to move easily across the surface of the paintwork. It is not a good idea to bring anything in contact with the paint which could potentially cause surface marring or scratches. Rubbing a dry paint surface with a dry clay bar (or anything else for that matter) could potentially cause more harm than good. As well as the issues with marring, not using lubrication can also leave small, difficult to remove, pieces of clay behind on your car's paint. And trust us, this is an absolute nightmare!

We designed Lubed specifically to combat this problem. It contains lubrication surfactants designed to aid glide and lubricity when used in conjunction with any clay bar, plus advanced cleaning agents to help the decontamination process.

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