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MicroWash - Microfibre Wash Solution

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MicroWash - Microfibre Wash Solution

Here at Autoglanz, we obviously understand the desire for a beautifully detailed vehicle. But what people can forget is that you can’t properly detail your car without the correct tools. You can buy all the products in the world (and we strongly recommend that you do…from us!) but what about the things you’re using to apply these awesome products? There is no point spending so much time perfecting your pride and joy if the applicators aren’t well maintained too. Microfibre cloths, by their very nature, are designed to pick up everything so it’s really important to care for them properly so that you don’t end up ruining all of your hard work in the previous stages of detailing.

Regular washing with powder detergents or retail washing detergent is harmful to the microfibre. Many strong retail detergents will damage the absorbency of towels…this is where Microwash comes in.

A delicate yet highly effective non-bio microfibre cloth and polishing pad wash solution, designed specifically for use in domestic washing machines.

Keep your microfibres in peak condition so that you can keep your car that way too!

How To Guide:

  1. For heavily soiled cloths and pads, pre-rinse in a bucket with 60ml solution to 20L of water
  2. Whilst wearing protective gloves, work the solution into the cloth/pads until soiling disperses into a solution
  3. Rinse thoroughly with fresh clean water to remove loose soiling
  4. Add cloths/pads to the machine and apply 30-60ml of the solution to your washing machine detergent compartment
  5. Wash at a low 30c temperature or quick wash setting. Do not use fabric softener!
  6. Once the cycle is complete, dry in a tumble dryer or naturally as desired.

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