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AIO - All In One Polish

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AIO - All In One Polish

The pinnacle of all in one polish. Combining mild, friable abrasives with advanced resins and hybrid sealant technology to achieve the perfect finish from a simple, one-step application. 


Refine - Utilising modern, mild abrasives which are friable in nature, these advanced abrasives break down slowly in use. Starting off with enough cut to remove heavily oxidisation and stubborn soiling to the paintwork surface and easily refining mild marring. Once worked for a short period these abrasive 'break down' to help refine the finished surface.

Enhance - Containing advanced resins which activate upon use, making light work of enhancing any finished surface by covering up light marring which could not naturally be removed without harsh abrasives, adding depth and gloss to the finish.

Protect - Containing our hybrid technology as founds in our ever popular paintwork sealant Synth-Seal & quick detailer Smooth Velvet our all in one polish has the ability to 'lock in' the gloss achieved and protect any surface for months to come. Making our all in one polish one of the most advanced and user-friendly all in one polishes on the market.


How To Guide:

Autoglanz all in one polish can be applied both by hand and machine

Hand application:

Apply a small amount to either a soft foam or microfiber pad/cloth. Work in an area roughly 1ft square in straight lines from side to side with medium to light pressure until the residue turns from a white colour to clear. Do not use heavy pressure, if more cut is desired increase the number of passes. Once applied, allow to flash for 5 moments, so the resins & hybrid can bond to the surface and then buff to a high shine finish. If any residue is present we suggest using our quick detailer Smooth Velvet to aid removal. 

Machine application:

Apply 2-3 small, evenly spaced drops of the all in one polish to an ultra-soft or finishing pad. Ensure the DA is on the lowest speed setting and work from side to side in a small area 2 ft square using overlapping passes. Once the reside begins to turn clear increase the DA speed to around 3,500 rpm and decrease pressure to help activate the resins and refine the finish, still working in small overlapping motions. Once you have carried out a few passes at high speed simply buff the finish without allowing the clear reside any time to cure with a plush microfiber cloth ensuring to turn the cloth regularly.

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