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Coloured Snowfoam

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Here it is - our Coloured Snowfoam!

Available in 3 vibrant colours to suit everyone's taste!

Which will you choose? Blue, green or orange?

Piste coloured snowfoam, is a highly foaming, colourful, pH balanced snow foam which will offer maximum cleaning power whilst not affecting your vehicle's LSP/wax at specific dilution ratios. As with our standard snow foam, this contains dedicated cleaning agents, specially developed to work at a balanced pH, plus advanced thickening agents to boast a generous cling time, whilst being more visually pleasing with its vibrant colour.

Piste coloured snowfoam gets to work instantly upon contact at safely breaking down road grime, dissolving grease and oil whilst still keeping the soiling suspended from the surface.

Encapsulated in its thick foam the soiling is transferring off the surface towards the floor. This special combination of surfactants drastically minimises the chances of any soiling being redeposited onto the surface whilst it is being transferred safely away from the vehicle.

Combined with its excellent cleaning power, Piste coloured snofoam can also be diluted to a level of 200:1 and is 100% LSP/wax safe even at dilutions as low as 50:1 or lower, meaning it will not damage your wax or sealant layers that have already been applied to the surface.

Take the necessary precautions when handling and using this product. Ensure the foam is rinsed thoroughly from the vehicle taking extra precautions to swill gaps in the bodywork.

This product may stain fabrics and wood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jim McGeown
Put some colour in your pre wash

Piste was always a very good snow foam and the colours add the fun factor ,and it certainly gets the neighbours talking .

Phillip Reynolds
So much fun & great cleaning power

I bought all 3 coloured snow foams and thoroughly enjoyed using them all. They all look great on my Merc GLC. They don’t only look great but they still have excellent pre wash cleaning power. My favourite colour is Blue! Great work AG!!

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