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Leather Cleanse - Leather Cleaner

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Leather Cleanse - Leather Cleaner

Leather car seats are a must-have for many motorists. They’re comfortable, durable, smell great, and feel a little more luxurious than upholstered seats. They can also help a car’s resale value when it’s trade-in time – but only if they’ve been kept in great condition. 

Cleaning leather and faux leathers can be one of the easiest routines in taking care of your vehicle’s interior and can yield some of the best looking and longest-lasting results, but you need to be using the correct products for the job!

Our Leather Cleanse is a delicate, yet highly effective leather, Alcantara and vinyl cleaner. Developed to remove ingrained soiling, reaching even the most deep-seated of dirt, from the most delicate of finishes without degrading the surface itself. You need to make sure you pay particular attention to any creases in the fabric, as this is where build-ups are often seen (top tip, if the leather in the creases looks darker than the rest, then this is a clear indication of a build-up of dirt.) 

You can use Leather Cleanse with a soft-bristled detailing brush or simply a microfibre cloth.

How To Guide:

For heavy soiling

1. Apply a liberal amount to the affected area and allow to dwell. 
2. Agitate with a soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth. 
3. Remove excess soiling/cleaner with a fresh, clean microfiber cloth. 

For light soiling 
1. Apply a light mist to a clean microfibre cloth and wipe over the surface to be cleaned. 
2. Wipe dry with a fresh, clean microfiber cloth 

Do not allow to dry on the surface.

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