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Purge - Water Spot Remover

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Purge - Water Spot Remover

We all use water to clean our vehicles right? Many of us also leave our cars outside (as opposed to in a garage) where the potential for rain is pretty high. Although we need water to perform our washes, it can leave us with issues if correct drying methods are not undertaken: water spots! 

Whenever any water comes into contact with our vehicles, it can pose a risk to the delicate paintwork. Water is never just water, it is one of the best solvents out there and easily dissolves contaminants which when dried on the surface of your vehicle causes water spots.  Rain and hard mains water (especially) contain trace amounts of acids, metal ions, minerals and silica; when these droplets dry on your vehicle they deposit these minerals within as they dry. These minerals include salts, metal ions and silica compounds. They can scratch, bond to and even etch your paint and be particularly stubborn when they bond to your glass. 

Purge is the perfect solution for removing the most stubborn and potentially troublesome deposits, by breaking them down and making them a breeze to wash away, leaving your vehicle with that gloss and shine you worked so hard to achieve and maintain.

How To Guide:

1. Ensure the vehicle is clean and dry.

2. Shake well before use.
3. Apply the product directly to the surface to be treated in an even mist.
4. Work the product into the surface using a clean microfibre cloth.
5. Ensure all product is removed using a second microfibre cloth.
6. Inspect the panel and if any water spots remain repeat the process.

You can use Purge in one of three ways to good effect.

1. Direct to panel - This method is best if you are preparing a surface for further work. Or if you wish to start over. Care must be taken with using this method if you have delicate show waxes or sealants installed (water spots should not bond to a well formulated sealant but that is an argument for another day). Purge can have detrimental effects on delicate waxes.

2. Spot approach - With this method you might just have one or two isolated water spots you wish to tackle. Our advice here would be to apply Purge to your microfibre and then dab/wipe the water spotted area. This method will mitigate the risk involved with the "direct to panel" method above.

3. Spray and rinse - Yes, Purge can be used in this way. Simply spray Purge onto the effected areas, give a short amount of time to dwell then rinse away. Do not, however forget to dry once you are finished, otherwise you could end up in the same position if your water is particularly hard!

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