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Imagine sliding into your vehicle and being greeted by the pristine condition of your car interior; feels good, doesn't it?

But looking down - you see your rubber car mats...


They look like something out of a bin!


Don't worry.

At Auto Glanz - we got you covered.

With one simple product and a few accessories - it's easy to clean!

Key Takeaways

  • Effective rubber car mat cleaning is essential for the overall upkeep of your vehicle's interior.
  • Regular maintenance not only serves aesthetics but protects your car's cabin from hidden dangers such as mould.
  • The selection of appropriate tools and a high-quality mat cleaner is critical for achieving the best results.
  • Understanding the right techniques for cleaning and drying your mats ensures their durability and safety post-maintenance.
  • Avoiding a slippery finish post-clean is imperative for driving safety.

The Importance of Regular Rubber Car Mat Cleaning

When you take pride in keeping your car clean and maintaining a pristine look, it's essential not to overlook the cleaning of rubber floor mats.

These mats protect your car's carpet from wear and dirt.

The reason for regular cleaning is not only for the looks - but you also get to see if moisture or a spillage has gotten trapped underneath rubber mats, which can deteriorate your car's underlying carpet. The remedy?

Ensuring clean rubber floor mats through regular and thorough washing.

We recommend that you:

  • Check mats regularly for dirt and debris accumulation.
  • Dry out any moisture that could lead to mould or rot.

When you invest in regular upkeep, you're not only prolonging the life of the rubber mats themselves, but also actively maintaining your car's overall cleanliness.

Choosing the Right Tools and Cleaners for Your Rubber Car Mats

There is really not much to it.

You will need:

Rubber Car Mat Cleaning: Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to rejuvenate your rubber car mats, as part of getting a clean car.

Initial Removal of Loose Dirt and Debris: Shake and Rinse

Take the mats out of the car.

Begin by vigorously shaking your mats to dislodge any loose dirt.

Once the larger particles have been removed, lay the mat flat and proceed to vacuum rinse the mats making sure there is no bigger bits left. 

Vacuuming rubber car mat

Applying Auto Glanz Rebound: Techniques for Stubborn Stains

Rebound Rubber Cleaner

Our rubber cleaner is where the magic happens.

It effectively dissolves all kinds of dirt.

For those challenging, stubborn stains, apply a liberal amount of Auto Glanz Rebound to the affected areas.

Allow it to soak in briefly before moving on to the scrubbing stage to break down the grime efficiently.

Apply Rebound Rubber Cleaner

Brushing Techniques Part 1: Using a Detailing Brush To Lift Grime

Detailing Brush Product

The detailing brush is your best friend when targeting the grime that clings to your mats. Employ firm, circular motions to lift the dirt effectively, preparing it for the subsequent rinse. Using a detailing brush is a manual process. It's definitely doable - but we recommend that you use part 2 instead.

Using a detail brush to clean rubber mats

Brushing Techniques Part 2: Using a Drill Brush To Lift Grime

Drill Brush Product

If manual scrubbing isn’t cutting it, upgrade your cleaning arsenal with a drill brush attachment.

Its brisk rotation will maximise your scrubbing effort without causing damage to the mat.

Simply attach it to your home drill and go all over the mat.

Drill Brush on rubber matt

Rinsing: Ensuring No Cleaner Residue

After scrubbing, it’s essential to rinse the mats.

This step removes all traces of Auto Glanz Rebound, leaving the mats residue-free and safe for use.

Rinse the matt

Drying Your Car Mats: Use a Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre Cloth

Post-rinse, lay the mats on a flat surface and pat dry with a microfibre cloth. Its high absorbency will expedite the drying process, pulling moisture from the mat swiftly. 

You don't want to put them back in the car before completely dry, in order to avoid moisture building up.

Dry the rubber mat

Want Them To Look Like New? Apply Trim Reaper Dressing

Trim Reaper Dressing

To restore a fresh, new look to the mats, consider applying Trim Reaper Dressing. This product will condition the mats, lending a muted, sophisticated sheen.

If there is no grip at all on your car mats - we don't recommend it - as it can make the mats a bit slippery. 

But for mats like the ones in the picture - it works like a charm!

Trim Reaper applied

As an added bonus: The mats won't absorb grime as easy, making them easier to clean next time!

The Final Result

Check out how clean it is now:

Final result clean matt

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Rubber Mats

What are the simple steps for cleaning rubber car mats?

Begin by shaking off loose dirt and debris. Vacuum the mats, apply a rubber cleaner, and scrub using a car mat brush. Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue, and then use a microfiber cloth or let the mats air dry to ensure your car's interior remains clean and fresh.

Why is it important to clean my rubber car mats regularly?

Regular cleaning maintains your vehicle's interior, protects your car's carpets from damage, and keeps the interior smelling fresh. It also prevents the buildup of grime and potential allergens, contributing to a healthier environment inside your car.

What tools and cleaners should I use for my rubber car mats?

You should use a stiff-bristled detailing brush or a drill brush for scrubbing, and a high quality cleaning solution like Auto Glanz Rebound. 

Can I use Auto Glanz Rebound on my rubber car mats?

Yes, Auto Glanz Rebound is a safe and effective cleaner for rubber car mats. It's formulated to tackle tough dirt and stains without causing harm to the rubber, leaving your mats clean without any slippery residue. 

Is it safe to use protectants on my rubber car mats?

While protectants can help to maintain the condition of the mats, they should be used sparingly and cautiously. Choose protectants that provide a natural finish without creating a slippery surface to ensure safety and avoid accidents.

Can I simply hose down my rubber car mats and let them air dry?

Yes, you can rinse your mats with a hose to remove loose dirt and allow them to air dry. However, for a more thorough clean, especially if they're very dirty or stained, you should follow a complete cleaning process including a proper scrub.

Are there alternative methods to dry my car mats faster?

To speed up drying, after rinsing, remove excess water with a microfiber towel, then let the mats air dry. Alternatively, you can place them in an area with good airflow or use a fan to help evaporate the water more quickly.

Can I put my rubber car mats in the washing machine?

It's not recommended to put rubber car mats in the machine as it could damage both the mats and the machine. Hand washing with the appropriate cleaners and tools is the best way to clean rubber car mats effectively.

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