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Imagine this - you've spent hours meticulously washing and drying your car, ensuring every speck of dirt is gone.

But there's one thing still bothering you - those unsightly swirl marks and scratches that mar the paintwork.

The bigger parts should be taken with a "real" machine polisher such as our 15mm throw or 21mm throw machine. 

But what about those small areas:

  • Your side mirrors
  • Window Panels
  • Door Handles
Areas for Nano Polishing

That's where a nano polisher comes in. This powerful polishing machine is a car detailing tool that can work wonders in restoring your vehicle's shine and eliminating imperfections, where that big polisher won't fit!

Whether you're a car enthusiast or a professional detailer, a nano polisher / mini polisher is an essential paint correction device in your arsenal.

With its ability to reach tight spaces and deliver exceptional results, a nano polisher is a must-have automotive restoration equipment.

In this article, we will explore the key factors that make a nano polisher the top-rated paint polisher on the market. We'll guide you through what to look for when purchasing this essential tool, the benefits it offers, and what additional equipment you need. 

Understanding Nano Polishers and Their Usage

Let's take a look at it. 

What Are Nano Polishers?

Nano polishers are car machine polishers - that have been shrunk in size - in order for you to detail small areas.

They are compact, handheld devices designed to provide efficient and precise polishing and paint correction.

Nano polishers use rotary or dual action mechanisms to deliver controlled and consistent movement, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish on your vehicle.

We will focus solely on battery driven / cordless nano machines - as they are the only ones that make sense!

Where To Use The Nano Polisher On Your Car Or Bike

The versatility of nano polishers makes them suitable for various areas of your car or bike that require polishing and fine-tuning. Here are some key areas where you can use a nano polisher effectively:

  1. Bodywork: Nano polishers can remove swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections on the bodywork of your car or bike. Perfect for smaller areas or the entire motorbike.
  2. Headlights: Restoring clarity and shine to foggy or yellowed headlights is made easier with a nano polisher.
  3. Interior Surfaces: Use it for example for dashboard panels (but be careful)
  4. Wheels and Rims: Nano polishers can reach tight spaces and intricate details on wheels and rims, ensuring they look pristine.
Nano Polisher on Wheels

The Versatility of Nano Polishers for Car Enthusiasts

The nano polisher - being battery driven and small, offers better manoeuvrability and reach than full-sized polishing machines.

The dual action movement of nano polishers is also safer for beginners than using eg. a drill with a pad add on, reducing the risk of damaging the paintwork. 

Key Features to Consider When Purchasing a Nano Polisher

When purchasing a nano polisher, it's essential to consider several key features to ensure you make the right choice. These features will determine the performance, durability, and overall value of the polisher. By understanding these aspects, you can select a high-quality tool that meets your car detailing needs.

1. Polishing Pads

We'll be honest about it.

Many of the nano polishers out there are delivered with polishing pads that can be thrown in the bin!

They are simply not made for polishing paint on your car.

This means that:

They either fall apart quickly, or won't do any cutting.

Our recommendation:

Go as "bulk" as possible - because you are going to need to buy quality polishing pads anyways if you want professional-grade results and ensure a flawless finish on your vehicle's paintwork.

2. Battery Life and Power Settings

Being battery driven means you will run out of power using your cordless mini polisher.

Battery status Nano Polisher

Depending on your usage - you might get 15-30 minutes of usage before needing a battery change. 


Your nano polisher is only delivered with one battery and/or a slow charger - you won't be able to have continuous operation. 

And that's a bummer having to wait on your detailing equipment to be ready!

The battery life and power settings of a nano polisher are significant factors that affect its usability and efficiency. Longer battery life allows for more extended and uninterrupted polishing sessions, reducing the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, having adjustable power settings enables you to customize the polishing intensity based on the specific paint correction needs of your vehicle.

3. Durability, Build Quality and Power

Look for a mini car polisher made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of regular car detailing

Some of the nano polishers out there do not have sufficient power.

This means that:

When you apply pressure on the polisher - the pad will simply stop rotating - meaning you can't get sufficient paint correction.

The Benefits of Using a Nano Polisher for Car Detailing

Using a nano polisher for car detailing offers several benefits. It allows for more precise paint correction and polishing, saving time and effort compared to manual methods.

By using a nano polisher, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Time-saving: Manual paint correction and polishing can be a time-consuming process. With a nano polisher, you can significantly reduce the time spent on this task, allowing you to complete your car detailing projects more efficiently.
  • Precision paint correction: Nano polishers are designed to provide precise paint correction on hard to reach areas. 
  • Flawless finish: One of the key benefits of using a nano polisher is the ability to achieve a flawless finish. The motion of the polisher combined with the right polishing pads effectively removes swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections, leaving your vehicle's paintwork looking brand new.
  • Effortless operation: Nano polishers are designed with user convenience in mind. They are lightweight and ergonomically designed, making them easy to handle. This allows for greater control and reduces fatigue during extended car detailing sessions.
  • Versatility: Nano polishers are versatile tools that can be used on various surfaces, including car paint, glass, and plastic.

Why We Developed Auto Glanz Nano Polisher (The Best Nano Polisher)


Nano Polisher from Auto Glanz


We've seen other nano polishers out there such as in2detailing, carbon collective, spta and rupes.

What we wanted to do is develop our own.

It didn't take one try - but several prototypes have been ditched and why the Auto Glanz Nano Polisher has only recently been released to the UK market.

We wanted our nano machine polisher to be:

  • Powerful
  • Have reliable batteries
  • Adjustable stepless speed adjustment
  • Ability to change backplate
  • Free from / less bloat
Nano Polisher unwrapping

Sufficient Power Under Pressure

The Auto Glanz Nano Polisher is designed to deliver sufficient power even under high-pressure conditions, ensuring efficient and effective polishing. With its advanced motor, it can tackle tough paint imperfections and buff to exceptional results.

2 Batteries

One of the standout features of the Auto Glanz Nano Polisher is its inclusion of two batteries and a solid charger. This allows for extended runtime and continuous use without interruption. You can effortlessly complete your car detailing projects without worrying about running out of power.

Change Backplate

With the included adapters you can choose between:

  • Rotary function
  • Dual Action 3mm throw
  • Dual Action 12mm throw
Changing Back Plate

Less Bloat (Cheap Polishing Pads)

Unlike other polisher brands, the Auto Glanz Nano Polisher prioritizes quality by (trying to) not include bloat or cheap polishing pads. 

That being said - our supplier insists on sometimes to include cheap polishing pads. 

Our suggestion:

Throw them in the bin. 

We want you to decide what you need and don't need - so you don't pay extra for unnecessary equipment that isn't up to par quality wise. 

Feature What Auto Glanz Nano Polisher Does
Sufficient Power Under Pressure Delivers efficient and effective polishing performance even under high-pressure conditions.
2 Batteries Comes with two batteries for extended runtime and continuous use.
Less Bloat Included  Includes adaptors and back plates for rotary and Dual Actions Polishing. Less Bloat Pads.

User Experiences: What Customers Say About Our Auto Glanz Nano Polisher

Curious on what end users like yourself say about it?

Here's one:

"Fantastic little machine. I already have a dual action polisher, but needed a small polisher for those hard-to-reach areas. The Auto Glanz Nano Polisher is a powerful machine that is incredibly easy to work with. I am very satisfied."

See What You Can Expect To Achieve

Here are just some of the areas and results you can expect from the Nano Polisher.

Here on our test panel:


Scratched Plate

Here in progress:

Polishing with Auto Glanz nano polisher

The Final Result:

Polishing result - no scratches

On a side mirror


Side mirror before polishing

Side Mirror After:

Side Mirror After Polishing


Right side not polished:

Motorcycle not polished

Left side polished:

Motorcycle polished

Considering other brands?

Make sure you see the results you can achieve!

Necessary Equipment For Your Nano Polisher

Since we provide only the essentials with the Auto Glanz Nano Polisher - you will need to purchase the pad and polish of your choice.

And of course;

We have recommendations:

Polishing Pads

For polishing pads we recommend either our Medium One Step Pad for the lazy ones:


Medium Polishing Pad


Or a 2 step solution for those looking for the best results.

A hard pad to remove swirls:


Hard Polishing Pad


And a fine pad to give that ultimate finish:


Soft Polishing Pad


The Auto Glanz Nano Polisher can use Pads in the sizes 1.4" or 2.2". Choose your preferred size.


For most people, we recommend our all-in-one Polish:


All In One Polish


An easy to use Polish, that gives both some Cut and a nice finish with built in paint protection.

Maintenance and Care for Your Nano Polisher

Proper maintenance and care ensures the longevity of your nano polisher.

  1. Cleaning: Regularly clean your nano polisher after each use to remove any residue or debris that may have accumulated. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the exterior and gently clean the polishing pads. 
  2. Storage: Make sure to charge the batteries to around 80% if you want to leave them unused for a prolonged period of time. Keep them in a dark and temperature stable condition to prolong battery lifetime.

Price Versus Quality: Finding the Best Value Nano Polisher

When it comes to purchasing a nano polisher, price and quality are two crucial factors to consider. After all, you want to ensure that you are getting the best value for your hard earned money.

Consider the following factors when assessing the cost efficiency of a nano polisher:

  1. Performance: Evaluate the power and effectiveness of the polisher. Can it deliver the results you're looking for? Look for customer reviews and images / videos of the product in use. 
  2. Batteries: Make sure to have at least 2 batteries.
  3. Avoid Bloat: Don't pay for cheap accessories that you will never use. 
Have fun using the best nano polisher on the UK market!
Auto Glanz Nano Polisher

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Nano Polisher

What should I look for when purchasing a nano polisher?

When purchasing a nano polisher, it's important to consider key features such as the quality, battery life and power settings, as well as the durability and build quality of the polisher itself.

What are nano polishers and how are they used in car detailing?

Nano polishers are compact and versatile car detailing tools used for precise paint correction and polishing. They can be effectively used on various areas of a car or bike, including tight and intricate spaces that are difficult to reach with larger polishing machines.

Why should I choose the Auto Glanz Nano Polisher?

The Auto Glanz Nano Polisher is a reliable and high-quality option in the market. It offers sufficient power under pressure, comes with two batteries for extended runtime, and does not include cheap or low-quality polishing pads. It is designed to meet the needs of car enthusiasts and professionals, delivering exceptional results.

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