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When it comes to car cleaning, we all want the best for our vehicles.


When it comes to washing your car - one of the ways to ensure a scratch free experience - is going completely touchless on your car.

If you don't touch it - you can't scratch it - right? 


There is more to it - let's have a look - in particular in regards to cleanliness.

Understanding Touchless Car Washes and Their Growing Popularity

With the rise of better chemicals and more information on what causes scratches on our cars - touchless car washing has grown in popularity.

It differs from a tradition car wash (be it hand wash or machine wash) - that nothing touches the paint.

What Makes a Touchless Car Wash?

A touchless car wash is a cleaning method that utilizes high-pressure water jets and specialized cleaning agents to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from a vehicle's surface without the need for physical scrubbing or brushes.

Instead of relying on abrasive materials, touchless car washes rely on the force of chemicals and pressurized water to dislodge and rinse away dirt, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleaning process.

This method can help prevent potential damage to the vehicle's paintwork caused by brushes or other abrasive materials used in traditional car washes.

The Evolution of Car Cleaning: From Brushes To Wash Mitts To Jet Wash

Car cleaning techniques have come a long way from the traditional use of brushes and cheap sponges.

When Jet washing we are able to clean most of grime off the surface of the car. If followed by a delicate hand wash with a soft wash mitt and solid car shampoo you will minimize the risk of scratching your car substantially. 

Why even talk about Touchless Cleaning - I can just polish my car!

New cars are not delivered with the same amount of paint as they were in the "good old days".

This means: 

That if you do get scratches on your car - then you have fewer chances to correct it.


Every time you correct the paint you take a little amount of the clearcoat of.

So in the end - you do not have unlimited chances to polish your car.

Pros and Cons of Opting for a Touchless Vehicle Cleaning

In this section, we will explore the pros and cons of opting for a touchless vehicle cleaning. A touchless car wash offers several benefits, making it an attractive option for car owners who want to ensure their vehicles are clean and well-maintained.

Benefits of a Touchless Wash

  • Gentle on paintwork: A touchless car wash utilizes high-pressure water jets and specialized cleaning agents such as our Brute or Spritzer to remove dirt and grime without the need for brushes or physical contact. This gentle cleaning method minimizes the risk of scratches and swirl marks on the vehicle's paintwork, helping to maintain its pristine appearance.
  • Reduced risk of scratches: Traditional car wash methods such as an automatic car wash that use brushes can potentially cause scratches on the surface of the vehicle. Touchless car washes eliminate this risk, ensuring that your car's paint remains smooth and scratch-free.
  • Efficient: Touchless car washes efficiently clean the vehicle within a short span of time. This saves you time and energy compared to cleaning it with brushes.

Potential Drawbacks of a Touchless Car Wash

  • Less effective on certain types of grime: While touchless car washes are effective at removing everyday dirt and dust and larger debris, they may have limitations when it comes to traffic film and tar removal. While it might look completely clean - there is still a "layer" of road film. 
  • Higher cost: Touchless car washes can use more expensive chemicals in a more concetrated matter - which can lead to a higher cost per wash.
  • Higher Risk of Chemical Damage: When washing touchless you must ensure that the chemicals are diluted correctly and properly washed of the vehicle. Leaving touchless chemicals to dry out or for a prolonged period of time on rubber and plastic can degrade or miscolour the materials.
Pros of Touchless Car Wash Cons of Touchless Car Wash
Gentle on paintwork Less effective on certain types of grime
Reduced risk of scratches Higher cost
Efficient Harsher chemicals used

Is a Touchless Car Wash the Ultimate Solution to Avoid Scratches?

When it comes to maintaining the pristine paintwork of your car, scratches and swirls are the biggest enemies.

These imperfections diminish the overall appearance.

Scratches and Swirls: The Biggest Enemies To Your Paintwork

Every time you wash your car, there's a risk of introducing scratches and swirls.

These marks can occur due to the use of improper washing techniques, abrasive brushes, or contaminated cleaning tools. Even small particles of dirt and debris left behind after initial rinse, can cause micro-scratches that are visible under certain lighting conditions.

Traditional car wash methods often involve contact with the vehicle's surface, which increases the likelihood of scratches. Brushes, sponges, and towels can trap dirt particles and inadvertently drag them across the paint, leading to visible damage.

Hands-Free Car Wash: Will The Car be 100% Clean?

A touchless car wash, on the other hand, claims to eliminate the risk of scratches by using high-pressure water jets and specialized cleaning solutions. The process involves minimal or no physical contact with the vehicle, reducing the potential for surface damage.

However, it's important to note that a touchless car wash may not guarantee a 100% clean car.

While larger particles of dust will be removed - there will be a light film left behind. 

This gives another issue:

When you need to dry your car - you can only dry it by air - as touching it with a good car drying towel might scratch it as it is not 100% clean.

How So I Dry The Car?

We recommend drying the car with a blower in order to avoid water spots. 

How Effective Are Automatic Touchless Car Washes at Removing Grime?

Automatic Touchless car washes, particularly touchless car washes, utilize advanced technology to remove dirt and grime without the use of brushes or direct contact with your vehicle's surface. This is achieved through a combination of high-pressure water jets, specialized cleaning agents, and powerful air dryers.

The exact effectiveness depends on the place you go - but in general you can expect a lower level of cleanliness compared to doing it yourself?


As these places usually go for a "safe" option. This means less cleaning power, and less risk of damaging your car. 

Which makes sense - they donøt want a bunch of claims against them. 


Our recommendation if you want to go touchless - is to do it at home / at a self-service station that allows you to bring your own chemicals. 

Touchless Car Wash: The Equipment Involved

When it comes to achieving as close to spotless a clean for your car as possible, having the right equipment is essential.

 In this section, we will explore the key equipment used in touchless car washes, including pressure washers and specific products from Auto Glanz that ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process.

The Best Pressure Washers for a Spotless Clean

To be honest - the pressure washer brand and model is just a small part of getting a spotless clean.

Popular models are: 

  • Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer
  • Bosch EasyAquatak 120 Pressure Washer
  • Nilfisk C 135 bar Pressure Washer

Much more important is the equipment attached to these.

We always recommend to shift the pressure washer gun for eg. Kärcher and Nilfisk as well as getting the best snow foam lance.

Let's move on to the car wash products you need to use to get your car clean:

Auto Glanz Brute - Applied with an IK Sprayer

Auto Glanz Brute is a premium car cleaning product that delivers exceptional results for touchless car washes.

It is specially formulated to remove stubborn dirt, grime, and road contaminants without the need for physical scrubbing in the pre-wash phase.

To apply the Auto Glanz Brute, an IK Sprayer is used, which ensures an even distribution of the product across the car's surface.

The Auto Glanz Brute, combined with the IK Sprayer, creates a powerful cleaning solution that easily breaks down and lifts away dirt, leaving your car looking clean and shiny. As a touchless car wash option, it minimizes the risk of scratches and swirl marks that can occur during traditional washing methods.

Take a look at howmuch it can clean (the back vs the side):

Brute before vs after

Auto Glanz Spritzer - Applied With A Snow Foam Cannon Or A Foam Sprayer

The Auto Glanz Spritzer is another top-of-the-line product designed for touchless car washes. It is specifically formulated to easily act as a snow foam that adheres to the surface of the car, helping to break down and encapsulate dirt and grime.

The Auto Glanz Spritzer is typically applied using a snow foam cannon or a Foam Sprayer from IK, which creates a thick foam that clings to the vehicle, providing extended contact time and enhancing the cleaning process.

Spritzer being applied

Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse off with a pressure washer:

Clean off with a pressure washer

Check out how clean it is now:

Clean after Spritzer

Is it clean enough?

That is up to you to judge.

For most people - I would say yes.

For a detailer - no way!


With a pressure washer and the use of premium products like Auto Glanz Brute and Auto Glanz Spritzer, you can achieve a close to flawless touchless car wash that leaves the surface very clean - but not perfect.

Our recommendation?

Take a look at our guide to a safe car wash>>

Touchless Car Washes Across the UK: Locating Your Nearest Facility

Fortunately, touchless car washes are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, offering car owners a hassle-free solution for maintaining their vehicles' cleanliness.

To our knowledge there is no map with "all" touchless car wash facilities.

We suggest you search online using keywords like "touchless car wash near me" to discover a range of options available in your region. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Touchless Car Wash

Is a touchless car wash possible?

Yes, a touchless car wash is possible - but the car will not be 100% clean without physical contact. 

How does touchless auto wash compare to traditional methods?

Touchless auto wash methods are designed to be gentler on a car's paintwork compared to traditional methods. Traditional car washes often involve physical contact, which can lead to scratches. Touchless car washes use high-pressure water jets and cleaning agents to remove dirt, reducing the risk of scratches. 

Are there any potential drawbacks to touchless car washes?

While touchless car washes are effective at removing dirt and grime, they will leave behind a layer of traffic film an if diluted wrong - can cause damage to plastic and rubber. 

Can a touchless car wash eliminate all chances of scratches?

While touchless car washes minimize the risk of scratches, they cannot completely eliminate the possibility. 

What equipment is involved in a touchless car wash?

A touchless car wash requires specific equipment such as pressure washers, foam lances, and spray applicators. Products like Auto Glanz Brute and Auto Glanz Spritzer are commonly used for their cleaning power and can be applied with IK sprayers and snow foam cannons, respectively. 

How can I locate a touchless car wash facility in the UK?

To locate a touchless car wash facility in the UK, you can use online directories or car wash locators. These resources will provide information on the nearest touchless car wash facilities in your region.

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