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The best drying towel combines a good price, the ability to absorb water swiftly and safeguards your vehicle's finish as part of your car cleaning process.

Whether you're a professional seeking a professional car drying towel or a dedicated individual who prizes their car's appearance, the right towel makes all the difference.

Key Takeaways

  • Opting for a top-tier microfiber drying towel ensures not just dryness but paint protection.
  • A large drying towel brings convenience to your car care routine.
  • Features to covet in a towel include absorbency, a lint-free drying finish, and durability.
  • Microfibre towels reign supreme for their softness and efficiency in car detailing scenarios.
  • Invest in premium drying towels to dry your car or the best drying experience and long-term performance.

Understanding Car Drying Towels

Choosing the right microfibre towel for your vehicle cleaning rituals is more than a matter of convenience—it's about keeping your car's paintwork pristine and shielded from potential damage.

As you invest your effort in washing your car by hand, it's crucial to finish off the process with a tool that won't undermine your hard work.

Let's explore why the professional car drying towel is a cornerstone in achieving the best car drying experience without the risk of scratches.

Why Microfiber Makes the Best Car Drying Towel

The secret lies in the remarkable properties of microfiber. With its high absorbency and soft texture, a microfiber car towel not only removes moisture effectively but also ensures a touch so gentle, it's as if your car’s paint is being cradled.

Factors to Consider When Drying Your Car

When it comes to car washing, the final step of drying can have a major impact on your vehicle’s appearance. Utilise the right car wash towel to avoid any detriment to your paint’s finish. Let's delve into the considerations paramount to selecting the appropriate drying cloth to dry a car.

Make sure you have a beading / sheeting paint protection

Implementing a beading or sheeting paint protection prior to drying accelerates the process and enhances the end result. This protective layer helps water to slide off swiftly, allowing your absorbent drying towel to perform at its best. This way you won't have to rub against the paint in order to achieve streak-free results. 

Never use a chamois

It's a common misconception that a chamois is the best drying towel for your car. However, its material can cause micro-scratches and drag residual dirt across the surface. Instead, opt for a plush microfiber car towel that gently caresses your vehicle’s exterior. The microfiber towel allows for residual dirt left over after washing, to be absorbed into the fibres with no direct pressure towards the paint - thereby minimising the risk of scratching the paint.

Never use a squeegee

Although a squeegee may seem efficient, it can trap particles that scratch the paintwork. Imagine applying pressure on the squeegee right where a small piece of dirt is - and the applying as much pressure as possible towards the paint - cause you want that close contact. 


A soft, high-quality drying cloth will be far gentler and more effective in safeguarding your paintwork.

Consider Towel Thickness and GSM Ratings

The thickness of your car wash towel and its GSM rating are pivotal. GSM stands for 'grams per square meter', a key indicator of a towel's absorbency and plushness. In the table below, view how different GSM ratings align with performance attributes.

GSM Rating Absorbency Softness Scratch Risk
300 - 400 GSM Good Fair Low
400 - 900 GSM Better Soft Very Low
1000+ GSM Best Ultra Soft Minimal

Typically a microfibre drying towel can hold a higher weight in water (meaning higher absorbancy) compared to a lower GSM towel.

Size and Ease of Use

The dimensions of your drying cloth matters. 

Larger towels encompass more area, leading to quicker drying times and bigger water assumption capabilities.

Yet, it's also essential the towel is manageable and doesn't become a burdensome weight once saturated.

Therefore we usually opt-in for both a big microfibre towel for all the bigger surfaces, such as the roof, doors and hood, and a smaller one for door panels etc.

Drop it - Wash it

It can happen:

You drop the towel on the ground.

If you do:

Avoid the temptation of continuing to use it.

Wash it instead and grab a fresh towel.

If you don't have an extra towel - then let the car air dry and remove the water spots in the next wash. 

Reusability and Machine Wash Safe Options

Select a drying towel that can withstand repeated machine washes without deterioration.

Invest in a durable option that maintains its high performance, wash after wash, ensuring long-term reusability and value for your money.

In conclusion, choosing the best drying towel for your car is not just about picking any cloth at hand. It requires consideration of factors such as paint protection, towel material, GSM rating, size, and reusability. Aim for a microfiber car towel that scores high in all these areas to maintain your car’s immaculate finish post-wash.

The Best Drying Towel for Car: Auto Glanz Double Twist

If you are on the hunt for the best car drying towel, you've likely encountered myriad options, all promising ultimate drying capabilities.

Here at Auto Glanz - we've tested them "all". 


Decided to create our own, that fulfills the demands that you and we have for a quality microfibre towel. 

Our towel - Auto Glanz Twisted Loop 1200 GSM - has been tested in real-life scenarios, with a special focus on creating a super absorbent car towel that leaves no trace of lint or scratches. They are created as edgeless without any tags to create a perfect safe dry for your car.

We created the drying towel in 2 sizes:

Auto Glanz Double Twist 90x60 cm (Our largest towel - XL towel):

Auto Glanz Double Twist Drying Towel

Perfect for bigger areas of the car. The towel absorbs water like no other towel - making it one of the best drying towels on the UK market.

Auto Glanz Double Twist 40x40 cm:

Double Twist 40x40 Drying Towel

Effective drying for smaller areas of the car.

How Many Cars Can I Dry With Auto Glanz Double Twist?

Expect to dry one full-size vehicle with just one Auto Glanz Double Twist 90x60.

The 40x40 is enough to dry your wheels or door panels all the way round.

Customer Ratings and Testimonials on Drying Towels

We get it.

Everybody says the same:

We have the BEST drying towel out there.

Therefore don't just believe us - but believe our customer testimonials, in order to get a towel that has:

  • Superior absorbent properties
  • Durability and longevity like no other
  • Softness that contributes to scratch-free drying
  • Lack of lint, ensuring a clean finish

This is what Dave says about it: 

Review of Double Twist

View all review

Cost vs Quality: Finding the Best Value Towel

With prices increasing - we want it the same way as you.

The best possible quality for the lowest price. 

We've created the perfect match - that gives you all the good properties a drying towel should have - at an attractive price point. 

Drying Techniques: Getting the Best Use of Your Towel

First of all - make sure that you have a beading /sheeting paint protection on your car.

If you don't - this is what you do:

Get our Auto Glanz Aqua Seal>>

After you washed your car (before drying), spray 2-3 spray aqua seal on a panel and rinse of with water. 

Thereafter you are ready to dry it with your new Auto Glanz Double Twist towel.

Make sure to drag your towel across the surface without applying pressure on it. 

Start from the roof and work your way down, leaving the bottom of the car till last.

Maintaining Your Towel's Absorbency Over Time

Lifespan and efficiency of your drying towels vary.

We have had the products for years - and the first towels are still being used today.

To ensure the enduring absorbency of your Double Twist towel, wash it separately from other laundry and forego fabric softeners, which can compromise its drying capabilities. 

When laundering your car towels, it's imperative to use a gentle machine wash cycle alongside microfibre-specific detergents.

We recommend using Auto Glanz Micro Wash>>

This preserves the intricate fibres intact, maintaining the towel's structure and functionality.

Equally crucial is to bypass high heat drying; excessive temperatures can damage the fibres, diminishing their effectiveness.

Lay your towels to air dry or use a tumble dryer at a low heat setting.

The Lifespan of Microfiber Car Towels

The durability of a microfibre car drying towel can span a considerable period, given correct care.

Post-wash, store your towels in a clean, dry place, away from dust and dirt. By respecting these guidelines, your towel will remain a dependable element of your car drying routine for many washes to come.

Care Step Reason Benefit
Gentle machine wash Preserves microfibre integrity Keeps towel structure and absorption
Microfibre-friendly detergent Prevents fibre damage Enhances cleaning efficiency
Avoid high heat drying Protects against fibre deterioration Extends towel's functional life
Air dry or low heat tumble Minimises heat exposure Preserves softness and plushness
Shake before use Dislodges loose debris Prevents surface scratches
Proper storage Avoids accumulation of contaminants Ensures readiness for next use

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes microfiber towels the best option for drying cars?

Microfiber towels are the best option for drying cars because of their high absorbency, softness, and ability to dry surfaces without leaving streaks and minimising scratches. They are also lint-free, which prevents debris from being left on your car's surface after drying.

Why should I avoid using chamois or squeegees on my car’s paintwork?

Chamois and squeegees can be harsh on your car’s paintwork and potentially lead to scratches and streaks. They do not have the same softness and absorbency as microfiber towels and can trap and drag particles across your car's surface, causing damage.

What is GSM, and why is it important when choosing a car drying towel?

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter and measures the density of fibers in the towel. A higher GSM signifies a thicker, more absorbent towel which is ideal for drying cars as it can hold more water and is generally softer, making it safer for your car's paintwork.

What factors should I consider when assessing the drying performance of a towel?

When assessing the drying performance of a towel, you should consider its absorbency, plushness, size, and whether it is lint-free. Look for a towel with a high GSM for better absorbency and a larger size to dry more surface area more quickly. 

Is it worth investing in a more expensive car drying towel?

Investing in a more expensive car drying towel can be worth it for the longevity and performance benefits they usually provide. High-quality towels tend to be more durable, more absorbent, and safer for your car’s paintwork, potentially saving you time and money.

What are the best methods for maintaining a streak-free finish when drying my car?

To maintain a streak-free finish, ensure your paint is protected. After use, wash the towel separately in a machine with a microfiber-specific detergent at a low temperature and avoid using fabric softeners.  

What are the benefits of using a larger car drying towel?

Using a larger car drying towel allows you to cover more surface area and absorb more water in a single pass, making the drying process quicker and more efficient. 

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