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The best car screenwash should:

  • Remove bugs and grime easily
  • Be streak-free
  • Be safe on your paint
  • Be safe on glass sealants (if you have one on your windscreen)
  • Add hydrophobic properties to your windscreen (if you want it)

That was quite a list!

Some of the elements are logical, while others might not be thought out by everybody creating screenwash products.

Therefore at Auto Glanz's local factory in mainland UK - we've created our own series of screenwash products - in order to get the best possible product for our own (and your) car. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover what makes a top-rated screen wash in the UK
  • Find a high-quality screenwash that effectively cleans your windscreen
  • Learn about the key features to consider when choosing a screenwash
  • Understand the legal requirements for windscreen washing fluid
  • Uncover the best screenwash options for different seasons

Understanding Screenwash & What Gives a Clear View for UK Drivers

Are you tired of struggling with a dirty and smeared windscreen while driving?

We'll discuss the importance of using high-quality screenwash and why it's crucial for maintaining visibility on the roads.

A clear view consists of 5 elements:

  • A windscreen that is not damaged
  • Wiper blades in good condition
  • A quality screenwash
  • Clean windows inside
  • A glass coating / Water repellent wind screen

 We'll also explore the differences between summer and winter screenwash specifications, ensuring you have the right product for the season. Additionally, we'll cover the legal requirements for windscreen washing fluid in the UK and provide tips for choosing a screenwash that won't damage your glass coating.

A Windscreen that is not damaged

A scratched or damaged windscreen will affect the overall ability to see things clearly - even with a quality screenwash. To some degree you can remove minor scratches by polishing - but in some cases a new windscreen is required. 

Wiper blades in good condition

A new set of wiper blades will set you back less than £50.

It's a good investment - and required if you experience constant streaking - even with a high quality screenwash such as screenshot. 

The Importance of Quality Car Screenwash

Keeping your windscreen clean is vital for driver safety.

A high-quality screen wash not only removes dirt and grime but also improves visibility, especially in adverse weather conditions. Standard household detergents or plain water are not suitable alternatives, as they may leave streaks or residue on the windscreen, impairing your vision. Plain water will also freeze in cold conditions and leave limescale on your car's paint. 

Investing in a top-rated screenwash ensures effective cleaning, removing stubborn dirt, insects, and road grime. It also helps prevent the formation of frost and ice during colder months, enabling easy clearing of your windscreen.

Don't forget the inside of your windscreen

This is a topic on its own - but if the inside of your windows need to be clean, in order to get perfect visibility.

We suggest using a streak-free, alcohol based windscreen cleaner, along with high quality glass cloths.

A glass coating / Water repellent wind screen

Our suggestion is:

That as part of your screenwash - that you add a water repellent formula.

This will ensure that insects won't stick as hard to glass, and that you will have "invisible" windscreen wipers - when going at speeds of above approximately above 30 mph. 

This can be achieved with Vision>>  

Summer vs Winter Screenwash Specifications

Be careful when selecting screenwash that the product can be used all year round. Some can only be used in the summer as they do not have antifreeze properties. Our screen wash solutions can be used winter and summer.

Make Sure It Does not Damage Your Glass Coating

If your vehicle has a glass coating or is treated with a protective sealant, it is crucial to choose a screenwash that is compatible with these coatings. Some screenwash formulations may contain chemicals that can degrade or damage the coating, compromising its effectiveness. 

Our will not - no matter whether you choose Vision or Screenshot. 

Best Screenwash UK: The 2024 Contenders

Our 2 contenders are our own produced products:

  1. Screenshot
  2. Vision

We'll provide detailed information about these products, including their features, effectiveness, and customer reviews. 

Auto Glanz Screenshot

Screenshot screenwash

One of the top contenders in the best screenwash category is Auto Glanz Screenshot.

This concentrated high-quality screenwash is specifically formulated to provide exceptional cleaning performance during both the summer and the winter season.

It is formulated to break down road grime, bug remains, and screen contaminants. It is winter-proof and low-temperature resistant, especially at higher concentrations.

Auto Glanz concentrated screen wash - Screenshot is known for its streak-free formulation, leaving your windscreen crystal clear and smear-free.

Use 100 ml per 5 litres in the summer, and 300 ml per 5 litres in the winter. 

Being a concentrate - this will leave you with one of the best price/performance screen washes in the UK. 

Completely safe for all parts of your car!

It is compatible with all vehicles, including cars, vans, and trucks, making it a versatile option for every driver.

Available in 100 ml, 500 ml and 5l.

Customers say about Screenshot:

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Auto Glanz Vision

Auto Glanz Vision Product

Auto Glanz Vision is a two sided product.

It can be used as a "stand alone" external glass cleaner, that will give your windscreen water repellent abilities.


You can use it as an additive / neat as your screenwash. 

For summer we recommend a 30% dilution ratio, which will ensure that your windscreen is always water repellent or you can use it neat in the winter. 

Vision comes as both 500 ml spray bottle or as a 5 litre screen wash bottle. 

Like screenshot - it effectively removes dirt, grime, bugs, and grease, while leaving a water repellent surface.

Customers say about Vision:

Vision review

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Price vs Performance: Finding Value in Screenwash Selection

The issue with some products on the UK market is that they are not formulated with car care in mind.

This can mean they are harsh to rubber or plastics when running down your car after wiping.

Our recommendation is that you use a concentrate to get the most out of your money - and ensure that you read actual reviews about the products that you consider to ensure that they actually do what they claim they do!

Frequently Asked Questions About Screenwash

What is the best screenwash for cars in the UK?

The best screenwash for cars in the UK can vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. However we recommend either Auto Glanz Screenshot or Auto Glanz Vision depending on whether you want water repellency effect or not. 

What should I look for in a good screenwash?

When choosing a screenwash, it's important to look for factors such as cleaning ability, winter dilution ratio, and low-temperature performance. You'll want a screenwash that effectively removes dirt, grime, and smears on the glass, as well as one that can withstand low temperatures without freezing or smearing. Additionally, ensure that the screenwash is safe for use on your vehicle's windscreen and won't damage any glass coatings.

Are there different pack sizes available for screenwash?

Yes, screenwash is available in different pack sizes to suit your needs. You can find it in various quantities, such as 100ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, and even larger sizes. Consider the size of your windscreen washer reservoir and the frequency of use when choosing the appropriate pack size.

How do I use screenwash in my car?

To use screenwash in your car, you need to locate the washer bottle reservoir. It's usually located under the bonnet, near the windscreen. Fill the reservoir with the appropriate amount of screenwash (follow the instructions on the packaging) and make sure the cap is securely closed. 

Is it better to use concentrated screenwash or ready-mixed?

Whether to use concentrated screenwash or ready-mixed depends on your preferences and needs. Concentrated screenwash offers better value for money as it can be diluted with water to make a larger quantity. This is particularly useful if you go through a lot of screenwash. Ready-mixed screenwash, on the other hand, is convenient and requires no dilution, making it easier to use. Consider factors such as cost, convenience, and the frequency of screenwash usage to make the best choice for you.

Will screenwash freeze in cold temperatures?

Screenwash that contains antifreeze properties is specifically designed to withstand freezing temperatures. 

How often should I refill my screenwash reservoir?

The frequency of refilling your screenwash reservoir will depend on how often you use it and the size of your reservoir. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the fluid level and top it up whenever necessary to ensure you have an adequate supply. It's also a good practice to check your screenwash level during your regular car maintenance routine or before embarking on a long journey.

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