What Makes a Good Car Glass Cleaner?

What Makes a Good Car Glass Cleaner? - AutoGlanz AG Car Care

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When it comes to cleaning your car's glass, using the right car glass cleaner and glass cloths is essential to achieve a sparkling, streak-free finish.

In this 2024 guide, we will explore the characteristics that make a car glass cleaner effective and provide recommendations for the best car glass cleaner on the UK market.

Why Clean Car Windows Are Important

Having clean and clear windows is not only important for your car's overall appearance but also for your safety on the road.

You will be able to see clearer as well as minimizing the risk of foggy windows, thereby enhancing your driving experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using a good car glass cleaner is essential for achieving a streak-free finish on your car's windows.
  • Avoid using household glass cleaners, as they may contain ammonia that can be harmful to tinted windows and trim.
  • Choose a car glass cleaner formulated with high alcohol percentage, and specialized surfactants for effective streak-free windows. 
  • Microfiber Glass cloths are recommended for cleaning car glass.
  • Always use multiple cloths when cleaning to prevent spreading dirt and residue, and to achieve a streak free result.

The Importance of a Specialised Car Glass Cleaner

Using a specialised car glass cleaner is crucial for several reasons.

Unlike household glass cleaners, car glass cleaners are formulated to effectively remove traffic grime, dirt, and bird droppings from the windows - without causing any damage to the glass or tinted windows.

Regular glass cleaners may contain ammonia, which can be harmful to tinted windows and trim.

Additionally, exterior car glass cleaners may leave a hydrophobic coating on the windows, which helps to repel water and improve visibility during rain. Using a dedicated car glass cleaner ensures optimal cleaning performance and safety for your vehicle's windows.

By using a dedicated car glass cleaner, you can effectively remove dirt and grime, protect your tinted windows and trim, and achieve a streak-free, crystal-clear finish for your car's windows.

Our recommended glass cleaner is:

Moonshine Best Glass Cleaner

Customer Reviews on Moonshine:

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The Secret to Streak-Free Glass Finish Lies In the Right Cloths

Achieving a streak-free glass finish requires using the right cloths for cleaning.

No matter how high quality a Glass Cleaner you use - you won't get it right if you don't use the right cloths and enough cloths!


Dedicated Glass Microfiber cloths are highly recommended for cleaning car glass. 

Two Types of Glass Cleaning Cloths

We have two types. 

Both will get you a clean windows.

Regular Glass Cleaning Cloth

Our regular glass cleaning cloth ensures streak free windows and is very easy to use. It is the ideal cloth for that streak-free finish. However - if you use a lot of product or you want more cleaning power - our Vision Glass Cloth is the better alternative.

Regular Glass Cleaning Cloth

Vision Glass Cloth

Our waffle woven Vision Glass Cloth can absorb more liquid and carry more dirt. It is however not as light as the regular glass cloth, and not as easy to get streak free. 

Vision Glass Cleaner Cloth

How To Use Glass Cleaner and Cloths

Spray Glass Cleaner onto the area you wish to clean.

Start with a clean cloth and use it to apply/distribute the car glass cleaner to the windows and clean dirt off.

Then, use a separate dry cloth to wipe away the the remains.

Do not keep buffing.

If there is a small residue left of glass cleaner - it will evaporate by itself. 

Characteristics of a Good Car Glass Cleaner

A good car glass cleaner possesses several important characteristics that contribute to its effectiveness and safety. 

Power Against Grime

A high-quality car glass cleaner should have strong cleaning power to effectively cut through tough grime, such as traffic grime, dirt, and bird droppings. Look for a cleaner that can easily remove these types of contaminants, leaving your windows spotless and clear.

Effective Cleaning Agents

The best car glass cleaners contain effective cleaning agents, such as alcohol, to tackle stubborn stains and marks on the glass. These ingredients help to break down and dissolve dirt, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

Ease of Use and Application

Convenience is key when it comes to using a car glass cleaner. Opt for a cleaner that comes in a spray bottle with a trigger spray, as this makes it easy to apply the cleaner onto the glass surface. The right application method ensures a smooth and hassle-free cleaning process.

Streak-Free Finish

A streak-free finish is essential for achieving crystal-clear windows. Look for a car glass cleaner that guarantees a streak-free result, ensuring that your windows are left without any residue or marks after cleaning. 

Hydrophobic Properties

Consider a car glass cleaner that offers hydrophobic properties on external windows. These cleaners leave a protective coating on the glass surface, helping to repel water and improve visibility during rainy conditions. The hydrophobic properties ensure that water beads up and rolls off the glass, reducing the need for constant wiping. 

We recommend the following for external windows where you want hydrophobic properties:

Vision Water Repellent Glass Cleaner

Safety for Tinted Windows and Trim

Not all car glass cleaners are suitable for tinted windows and trim. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Cleaning

What makes a good car glass cleaner?

A good car glass cleaner should have powerful action against grime, effective cleaning agents, ease of use and application, provide a streak-free finish, be ammonia-free for safety, and be safe for use on tinted windows.

Why is using a specialised car glass cleaner important?

Using a specialised car glass cleaner is important because it is formulated to effectively remove traffic grime, dirt, and bird droppings from the windows without causing any damage. 

What kind of cloths should I use for cleaning car glass?

It is recommended to use dedicated glass cloths for cleaning car glas. They provide a streak-free finish and are safe to use on glass surfaces.

Should I use multiple cloths for cleaning car glass?

Yes, it is important to use multiple cloths when cleaning car glass to avoid the cloth from getting wet - leaving a poor cleaning result. Use one cloth to apply the car glass cleaner, another cloth to wipe away the remains. 

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