15 Steps To Detailing For Beginners

15 Steps To Detailing For Beginners - AutoGlanz AG Car Care

Olly Hudson |

In this video, we will walk you through 15 stages of detailing for beginners. Touching on many subjects from simple pre wash stages all the way through to decontamination and the ever more important protection stages. Remember you can pause and rewind the video at any time and follow along with the stages as you work on your own car.

Please Note, We do not advise following this tutorial for every wash. Once you have completed a detail on your vehicle you can follow up with regular maintenance washes.

If you have any questions on the methods used in this video or even suggestions on how you think other methods are better let us know. You can find the products used in this video by visiting the links below.


Products Used in this tutorial:

Stage 2 - Prewash:
AutoGlanz Bug Off
 AutoGlanz Spritzer

Stage 3 - Snowfoam:
AutoGlanz Piste

Stage 4 - Wheels:
AutoGlanz Hoops
Autoglanz Alkalloy
AutoGlanz Infinite

Stage 5 - Details:
AutoGlanz Infinite

Stage 6 - Wash:
AutoGlanz Bubblicious

Stage 8 - Decon:
AutoGlanz Spartar
AutoGlanz Blood Tonic
AutoGlanz Lubed

Stage 9 - Polishing:
AutoGlanz All In One

Stage 10 - Sealant:
AutoGlanz SynthSeal

Stage 11 - Glass:
AutoGlanz Vision
AutoGlanz Moonshine

Stage 12 - Wax: 
AutoGlanz Ceara Dark

Stage 13 - Trim: 
AutoGlanz Trim Reaper

Stage 14- Tyres: 
AutoGlanz Uber Schwarz

Stage 15 – Finishing: 
AutoGlanz Smooth Velvet


If you have any questions about the products or the routine in which we used, feel free to get in touch. Don’t Forget to Like and Subscribe for more tutorial Videos.

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