How To Clean Alloy Wheels

How To Clean Alloy Wheels - AutoGlanz AG Car Care

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Step 1. Swill the wheel thoroughly with water, this is an important step, which ensure's the mild chemicals used in later steps are utilised simply to remove any soiling that is bonded to the surface, which under normal circumstances, cannot be removed with low pressure water.

Step 2. Prepare your wheel cleaner and dilute to the desired levels, we suggest using our non-acidic, highly concentrated alloy wheel cleaner Alkalloy

Step 3. Apply your pre-prepared wheel cleaner to the entire wheel not forgetting the barrels

Step 4. Allow the cleaner to dwell, it is important to allow the detergents to do their job, 3-5 minutes should be ample but be sure not to allow the wheel cleaner to dry on the surface. Be extra cautious if you have wheels facing the sun, it would be an idea to apply the wheel cleaner to these wheels last and to carry out the next stage to these wheels first also.

Step 5.1. Use a long handles brush to clean barrels/inside of wheels

Step 5.2. Use a short-handled brush to clean spokes, this stage may not be necessary if you have large spoked wheels.

Step 5.3. Use a soft detailing brush to finally clean the faces and to address any area’s within the spokes that may have been missed.

Step 6. Apply some diluted APC to your tyres and allow to dwell for a moment when you apply to all four wheels, again do not let the wheels or tyres dry out.

Step 7. Agitate the APC with a stiff detailing brush, soft bristle brushes tend to fold up to easy on tyres and struggle to remove soiling, however if your tyre is relatively clean then a detailing brush will suffice.

Step 8. Rinse the entire wheel and tyre thoroughly, ensuring to swill off any localised body panels that may have become contaminated from previous works.

Step 9. Apply fallout remover to the wheel sparingly, we suggest using our reactive fallout remover Blood Tonic diluted 3:1 with water at this stage. Note once you have applied the fallout remover and left to dwell for a few moments how little reaction occurs, this is due to the correct methods carried out above which will remove all but the most stubborn bonded ferrous contamination.

Step 10. Allow the fallout remover to dwell for a few moments and then agitate with a soft detailing brush, ensure again that you do not let the product dry out on the surface.

Step 11. Once complete, rinse thoroughly, it is increasingly important to ensure all fallout is removed

Step 12. Dry the wheel using a plush microfiber drying towel, we suggest using the wo-wo drying towel here due to its ultra-water absorbent abilities, yet small size ensuring the risk of the towel coming into contact with the floor is very slim

Step 13. Apply a sealant sparingly to the wheel, ensure to coat as much of the surface as possible and allow to cure for a few moments. This stage is not essential however highly recommended as it will make cleaning easier in the future. We recommend the use of our hybrid cream sealant Synthseal for this step

Step 14. Once cured for several moments remove the sealant with a plush microfiber cloth

Step 15. Finally, apply the tyre dressing to a clean, dry tyre. We recommend our long life tyre dressing Uber Schwarz

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