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We will get straight to the point!

The best Alloy Wheel Cleaner in 2024, in terms of effectiveness is VALET+ WHEEL CLEANER.


It is probably not the one you should be using - as it has the potential to expose your alloy wheel to damage - if not used with extreme caution. 

Read along to see which products that are the best for your alloy wheels, depending on how much grime and baked brake dust is on them!

Unlike many websites just listing the products - we have actually tested the products based on UK weather conditions and across different types of alloy wheels to bring you actual results, along with video for you to replicate the cleaning process.

Why finding the Best Alloy Cleaner is important

With rising costs in the motoring sector and everyday living, it's essential to spend your money wisely.

As a manufacturer of the wheel cleaners, we have made products to clean alloy wheels - no matter the initial state of the rims.

We have tested more than 100 different formulas, to create the best alloy wheel cleaners in different categories, being based on:

  • Being extremely gentle to your alloy wheels
  • Having ease-of-use
  • Being cost effective, yet powerful
  • Being the most powerful wheel Cleaner

Key Points:

  • Choosing the best alloy wheel cleaner is essential for maintaining the appearance of your wheels.
  • Regular wheel cleaning enhances the lifespan of your wheels in regards to how well they'll appear.
  • Consider factors like pH-neutral formulas, cleaning power, and safety when selecting a wheel cleaner.

The Importance of Wheel Cleaning

Let's face it.

Your alloy wheels are probably the most expensive part on your car, so why not make them look as good as possible?

Regular cleaning helps remove brake dust, dirt, and grime that can build up over time and cause damage. Different wheel types, being alloy or chrome, require cleaning using the right techniques and products to ensure optimal results.

Dirty wheels not only detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of your car but can also lead to corrosion and deterioration of the wheel finish. By incorporating wheel cleaning into your car care routine, you can protect your wheels and preserve their integrity.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wheel Cleaner

When it comes to selecting the best alloy wheel cleaner, there are several important factors to consider.

First of all:

How dirty is the wheel?

If you clean it on a regular basis, you can use a milder wheel cleaner compared to wheels that have not been cleaned for years!


A wheel soap is the most gentle option, followed by a pH neutral bleeding wheel cleaner, followed by an alkaline cleaner and at last an acidic wheel cleaner.

You want a cleaner that can effectively remove brake dust and grime, leaving your wheels spotless and gleaming, but without sacrificing being safe to use. 

Regarding the effectiveness:

You want a wheel cleaner that delivers the best results, ensuring that your wheels are thoroughly cleaned with minimal effort.

Look for a cleaner that is known for its cleaning power and has a track record of providing professional-grade results. Safety is paramount when it comes to wheel cleaning, so choose a cleaner that is not only effective but also gentle on your wheels' surface. It should be safe to use, ensuring that your wheels stay in optimal condition.

By considering these factors - pH-neutral formula, cleaning power, best results, and safety - you can make an informed decision when choosing a wheel cleaner.


Regular wheel cleaning is essential for maintaining the appearance and longevity of your wheels. So invest in a high-quality wheel cleaner that ticks all the boxes and enjoy clean, sparkling wheels every time you hit the road.

Best Alloy Wheel Cleaner for 2024

When it comes to finding the best wheel cleaner for your alloy wheels in 2024, we will place them in these 4 categories:

  • The best gentle alloy wheel cleaner
  • The best wheel cleaner in regards to ease-of-use
  • The best cheap alloy wheel cleaner
  • The best alloy wheel cleaner in terms of effectiveness

The best gentle alloy wheel cleaner

View Hoops Wheel Cleaner

If you have glossy black wheels then you want as gentle a wheel cleaner as possible when cleaning them - in order to avoid scratching them. 

The most gentle type of car wheel cleaner you can get is a shampoo as you know from washing your car. This has loads of lubricant, but is no where near as intense a cleaning power as you get in other types of wheel cleaners. 


It is the perfect companion to remove daily road grime and is very delicate and non-degrading to any sealants or wheel waxes you might have applied to your wheels. 

The best gentle wheel cleaner is: Auto Glanz Hoops>>

Use it when your wheels look like this:

Hoops for a not so dirty alloy wheel

Don't believe us? - head over to what our customers say about hoops:


Customer review on Hoops Wheel Cleaner


The best pH Neutral Wheel Cleaner (Easy to Use bleeding wheel cleaner)

View Primo Wheel Cleaner

This is probably the most common kind of wheel cleaner you will find out there. Also known as a red wheel cleaner or bleeding wheel cleaner.

pH-neutral wheel cleaners have several advantages over other types of wheel cleaners. One of the main advantages is that they are safe to use on all wheel types, including alloy, chrome, and even wheel trims made of plastic. This means that you don't have to worry about damaging your wheels or causing discoloration when using a pH-neutral cleaner - if used correctly. It is - in general - fairly safe to use on your wheels, as long as they are cold and the product is not used in the sun, and dries out.

The best pH neutral wheel cleaner is Auto Glanz Primo>>

We've developed it to be effective on removing road grime, iron fallout and brake dust from your wheels, whilst still being safe to use. It is already mixed and come with a spray nozzle, so you will get those wheels clean in no time. Suitable for daily brake dust and road grime. It will turn red when it gets in touch with brake dust / iron particles. 

Use it when your wheels look like this (the red effect is showing primo in action):

Primo in effect on wheels

Don't believe us? - head over to what our customers say about Primo:

 Primo wheel cleaner customer review

The best cheap alloy wheel cleaner

View Alkalloy Wheel Cleaner

We get it! With increasing prices you want something that doesn't break the bank!


Auto Glanz Alkalloy>>

An extremely effective alkaline based wheel cleaner, that should be diluted in order to make it safe for cleaning your wheels.

Even though it is the cheapest cleaner you will find (when diluted), it is still the best product for most, as you can adjust the strength of the cleaner to suit the soiling of the wheels that need cleaning. You can dilute it up to a ratio of 1:20 and still get a cleaning effect out of it. This gives a price well below £1 per liter when diluted. Not that is likely to be cheaper than what you can get at Halfords!

Use it when your wheels look like this:

Dirt that Alkalloy Wheel Cleaner can remove

Alkalloy is non-acidic and non-caustic. It can be used with a standard sprayer or a foam sprayer.

Our customers say about Alkalloy:

 Alkalloy Wheel Cleaner customer review

The best alloy wheel cleaner (The most powerful in our cleaners test)

Strong acid Wheel Cleaner

The most powerful alloy wheel cleaner is VALET+ WHEEL CLEANER>>

It is one of the best car wheel cleaners that you can get your hands on for car detailing. 

It is fast-acting and removes baked-on brake dust and brown deposits with ease! With this you will get the best results, and it is the best in our cleaners test. 

It can (and should) be diluted at ratios of up to 1:10. 

It is the best cleaner but also a product that requires more careful handling than alkaline cleaners. 

The acid helps to dissolve and lift away the debris, providing a thorough and deep clean. It's important to note, however, that acid wheel cleaners should be used with caution, as they can be harsh on certain wheel finishes.

When using acid wheel cleaners, follow the instructions carefully and use protective gear for hands and face. . Rinse the wheels thoroughly after cleaning to ensure that all residues are washed away. By using acid wheel cleaners correctly and safely, you can enjoy the benefits of their powerful cleaning action while maintaining the integrity and appearance of your alloy wheels.

Use it when your wheels look like this:

Very dirty wheel requiring acid wheel cleaner

Tips and Techniques for Effective Wheel Cleaning

To achieve the best results when cleaning your alloy wheels, it's important to follow some tried and tested tips and techniques.

These will help you effectively remove dirt and grime, leaving clean wheels.

Use a High-Quality Wheel Brush

When cleaning your wheels, a high-quality wheel brush is essential. This tool will help agitate the cleaner and remove dirt effectively. Look for a brush with soft bristles that won't scratch or damage the wheel surface. The brush should have a comfortable grip, allowing you to clean with ease.

We recommend using a quality microfiber wheel brush>>

Rinse Thoroughly

After applying the cleaner, it's crucial to rinse your wheels thoroughly. Use a hose or pressure washer to ensure all residues are washed away. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach areas and make sure you remove all traces of the cleaner.

Watch the video

Check out how to clean your wheels here (using Alkalloy as an example):


READ MORE: How to do wheel detailing like a professional

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Alloy Wheels

Regular maintenance is vital for ensuring the longevity and pristine appearance of your alloy wheels.

One of the major culprits that can cause long-term damage to your wheels is baked-on brake dust. Brake dust consists of tiny metallic particles that are released every time you apply the brakes. If left unattended, this dust can accumulate and adhere to the surface of your wheels, leading to corrosion and deterioration of the wheel finish.

To protect the integrity of your wheels and preserve their appearance, it is essential to incorporate regular wheel maintenance into your car care routine. By cleaning your wheels regularly, you remove the brake dust and prevent it from causing any further damage. Additionally, regular maintenance allows you to identify any issues or damages early on, which can help you take prompt action to prevent further deterioration.

Car alloy wheel maintenance involves more than just cleaning. It also includes inspecting for any signs of damage, such as scratches or chips, that may require touch-up or repair. By addressing these issues promptly, you can prevent them from worsening and ensure the long-term durability of your wheels. Remember, proper maintenance not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also contributes to its overall value.

Recommended Tools and Accessories for Wheel Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your alloy wheels clean, having the right tools and accessories is essential. Here are some recommended items that can help you achieve professional-level results:

  • Wheel Brush: A high-quality wheel brush with soft bristles is perfect for agitating the cleaner and removing dirt effectively. Look for a brush that is specifically designed for wheel cleaning to ensure optimal results.
  • Tyre Brush: In addition to cleaning the wheels, it's important to give your tyres some attention too. A separate tyre brush can help remove grime and debris, leaving your tyres looking fresh and clean.
  • Rim/Wheel Cleaner: Look for a rim cleaner that is specifically formulated for alloy wheels. This type of cleaner can provide targeted cleaning and help tackle stubborn brake dust and dirt that may accumulate on the rims.
  • Spray Bottle: Having a spray bottle on hand can be useful for applying waterless wheel cleaner or a dedicated wheel cleaner spray. This allows for precise application and ensures that the cleaner is distributed evenly.
  • Detailing brushes: To ensure thorough coverage and precise cleaning, consider using a detailing brushes or a microfiber cloth. These tools can help reach into tight spaces and corners, ensuring that no dirt or grime is left behind.


Finding the best alloy wheel cleaner for 2024 is all about checking the appearance of your wheels.

For most people:

We would recommend Auto Glanz Alkalloy as a perfect combination of a cheap yet powerful wheel cleaner, while not having the same risks as a wheel cleaner with acid.

Our extensive testing and evaluation have revealed the top product in the category, delivering effective cleaning power and professional results.

By following the recommended cleaning techniques, using the proper tools and accessories, and incorporating regular maintenance, you can ensure that your alloy wheels stay in optimal condition. With the best alloy wheel cleaner, you can achieve effective cleaning and maintain the impeccable appearance of your wheels.

Say goodbye to brake dust and grime, and enjoy the satisfaction of pristine, gleaming alloy wheels. 


What is the best alloy wheel cleaner for 2024?

The best alloy wheel cleaner for 2024 is VALET+ WHEEL CLEANER. Recommended wheel Cleaner is Auto Glanz Alkalloy.

What types of wheels can I use a pH-neutral wheel cleaner on?

A pH-neutral wheel cleaner is safe to use on all wheel types, including alloy, chrome, and plastic wheel trims.

Are acid wheel cleaners safe to use on all wheel finishes?

Acid wheel cleaners are powerful but can be harsh on certain wheel finishes. Use them with caution and follow the instructions carefully.

How do I achieve the best results when cleaning my alloy wheels?

Use a high-quality wheel brush, rinse thoroughly, and pay attention to the corners where dirt accumulates. 

Why is regular wheel maintenance important for alloy wheels?

Regular maintenance helps prevent long-term damage, such as corrosion and deterioration, and preserves the appearance of your wheels.

What tools and accessories do I need for wheel cleaning?

You will need a wheel brush, tyre brush, wheel cleaner, spray bottle, wheel cleaner, and water.

What are some expert tips for wheel cleaning?

Professionals suggest using safe cleaning methods, high-quality products, and avoiding abrasive tools or harsh chemicals that can damage the wheel finish.


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