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How to Clean Bird Poop off Car - AutoGlanz AG Car Care

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Discovering a splatter of bird poop on your freshly cleaned car is certainly annoying, yet it's a common plight for many vehicle owners in the United Kingdom.

Fortunately, there's no need to despair if you're armed with the correct know-how.

We are here to guide you through the best way to clean bird droppings from your car, ensuring your vehicle remains unscathed and sparkling. 

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You just want to get started - this is what you'll need:

Key Takeaways

  • Act swiftly to minimise the acidic impact of bird droppings on your car's paintwork.
  • Choose a specialised bird poop remover spray formulated for safe bird poop removal.
  • Protection strategies like applying sealant or wax will reduce the risk of permanent damage from bird droppings.
  • What to do if marks are left when removing the bird poop.

Understanding the Risks: How Bird Poop Affects Your Car's Paintwork

When you encounter bird poop on your car, it's more than an unsightly nuisance—the acidic quality of these droppings can inflict serious damage on your car's paintwork.

Often underestimated:

The corrosive nature of bird lime could spell trouble for vehicle owners. Let's delve into why bird droppings are not just an inconvenience but a substantial threat to your vehicle's pristine finish.

Comparable to the acidity of lemon juice, bird poop's pH levels range from 3.5 to 4.5, making it acidic enough to etch your paintwork. Much like acid rain, the bird droppings stain your car's exterior and can swiftly escalate from a minor imperfection to a costly problem to rectify.

Over time, letting the bird poop sit, could progress to damaging the deeper colour layers and primer, culminating in a finish that's dulled and aesthetically marred. Modern water-based paints are not immune to the destructive forces at play.

  • The clear coat serves as your car's first line of defence against the elements.
  • Acidic bird droppings can breach this protective barrier, leading to the erosion of both the clear coat and the underlying paint.
  • Without timely intervention, the cost to remedy a stain may escalate.

To give you an even clearer understanding, here's how bird poop can damage a car over time:

Stage of Damage Effects on Paintwork Consequences
Initial Contact Bird droppings start etching the clear coat Discolouration and dulling of the affected area
Corrosion Process Acid works through to deeper layers Potential permanent staining requiring professional repair
Long-Term Exposure Hardened droppings bond to the paint, causing further degradation Extensive and often irreversible damage, diminishing resale value

What Happens if Bird Droppings Are Left Undisturbed

The peril of choosing to leave bird droppings unattended cannot be overstated. If left for too long, the acidic compounds begin a chemical reaction with the paintwork, leading to etching that is difficult to remove, permanently marring your car’s aesthetic appeal. 

How To: Safely Removing Bird Poop without Damaging Your Car

The key to safely removing bird poop lies in not just a timely response, but also a non-abrasive methodology that gets the job done without inflicting further injury to your car paint.

The main product that you need to remove it is Auto Glanz ZeroH2O:

bird poop remover

Spray Sufficient Bird Poop Remover (Auto Glanz ZeroH2O) on the Bird Poop

Bird poop removed sprayed on car

Make sure to spray plenty of product on - to ensure suffient lubrication. Our Bird Poop Remover will penetrate and moisten the bird poop.

Wipe off in one go with soft Microfiber

Wipe off the bird poop with soft microfibre

Let it sit for some seconds and place your microfiber cloth over the Bird Poo. Then Wipe it off in one go. IF there are still some remains - then do not rub the area as scratching may incur. 


If remnants persist, moisten the area again, and reapply the cloth, repeating the gentle lifting process.

That's it!

The Dangers of Abrasive Cleaning Techniques

Scrubbing your car's exterior with rough materials or using harsh chemical cleaners can create scrapes and blemishes.

Understandably, it can be tempting to quickly scrape off the offending droppings; however, such forceful methods could scratch the paint, particularly if the substances have hardened.

The Ultimate Defence: Preventative Measures to Protect Your Car

Bird Droppings can not be avoided - but you can minimize the amount, as well as add protection to your paint.

That way - the damage will likely incur to the protection - instead of the clear coat on your car. 

Consider Where You Park Your Car

Consider where you park

The location where you park your vehicle can be critical in preventing bird droppings on your car. 

Parking in a suitable spot away from trees and overhanging structures helps minimise the chances of avian misfortune. 

Use a Sealant, Wax or Ceramic Coating

For added fortification make sure to apply a protective layer.

After a thorough wash, treating your car's paintwork with a spray sealant or ceramic coating can create a repelling barrier. Not only does this keep the affected area cleaner for longer, but it also eases future cleaning by not allowing droppings to adhere as strongly to your car's surface.

Damaged Paintwork due to Bird Poop

If you've let Bird Poop sit too long - permanent or semi-permanent damage may incur. 

In these cases it is likely that you will need to polish your car with a polisher

This might remove or reduce the mark left by the bird poop. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What's the best way to clean bird poop off my car without damaging the paint?

The best way to remove bird poop from your car is by gently softening the droppings with Auto Glanz ZeroH2O and then lifting it with a microfiber cloth. Make sure to avoid scrubbing. 

How does bird poop affect my car's paintwork?

Bird droppings are acidic and can corrode the clear coat of your car's paint, leading to dulling and etching. 

Why is it important to remove bird droppings from my car as soon as possible?

Removing bird droppings as soon as possible prevents the acidic content from etching or staining your paintwork. Fresh droppings are also easier to clean and reduce the risk of permanent damage to your vehicle.

What dangers do abrasive cleaning techniques pose when removing bird poop from cars?

Abrasive cleaning methods can scratch your car's paint and create more significant, often irreversible, damage. They can further exacerbate the corrosive effect of bird droppings and ultimately require costly repairs or professional detailing.


How can I prevent bird droppings on my car in the first place?

To prevent bird droppings, park your car away from trees and lamp posts where birds congregate.

What is ceramic coating, and how does it protect my car from bird poop?

Ceramic coating is a high-tech option that provides a long-lasting protective shield over your car's paintwork. It repels acidic substances and makes cleaning bird droppings easier while protecting against oxidation and environmental damage.

How can I deal with dull spots and etching caused by bird poop?

For minor dull spots and etching, use abrasive car polish combined with a polisher to rejuvenate the paint finish. 

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